Fox News Claims Jon Stewart Is In Denial About His Liberal Bias

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It has been almost a week since his appearance on their network, but Fox News continues to attack Jon Stewart.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After playing an edited clip where Stewart appears to get angry with Chris Wallace, Fox News Watch host Jon Scott said, “That’s Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday. Now Chris Wallace did a good job of pointing out examples of The Daily Show host’s liberal bias, but Stewart was apparently in denial.”

Scott then handed it over to Greg Gutfeld of FNC’s Red Eye, who called Jon Stewart a liar, “So from this exchange emerged Stewart’s claim, that right wing ideology shapes Fox News. As for lefty bias at other networks that’s a product of sensationalism or laziness. And Jon’s bias? He says that comedic, so when he links Palin to herpes that’s coming from a funny place, not a political one, and when he dons a black accent to mock Herman Cain that’s because comics do funny voices, even funny black voices. After all, he does Obama all the time, right? Anyway, Stewart doesn’t need another person to tell him he is funny, but someone needs to tell him he is lying. Not to Wallace, but to himself.”

Grutfeld continued, “He is driven by ideology, but he can’t see it. Maybe he’s a victim of what the left often accuses the right of, false consciousness? He’s unaware of his liberalism because he’s soaking in it. Finally, what about Stewart telling Wallace that doing comedy is harder than reporting the news? Maybe, but I don’t think Stewart knows hard. The gist of The Daily Show is making jokes about people the writers disagree with. Stewart knows his writers belong to a labor pool that is decidedly liberal, and the hardest thing about that pool isn’t swimming in it, but getting out. Once you’re out, goodbye applause.”

This is the latest in a line of attacks that began during the Fox News Sunday interview itself when Chris Wallace suggested that Jon Stewart is a secret liberal activist who is also a racist. Next we found out that Fox News edited the interview in order to leave out Stewart’s proof of the systemic conservative bias at the network. Wallace then blamed Stewart for the way that Fox News edited him.

Today’s attack delivered by the host of Fox News’ Daily Show pretender Red Eye claimed that Stewart is a deluded liberal who is in self-denial that is being fed his lines by a group of liberal writers who just so happen to hate Fox News.

Stewart keeps telling FNC that he is just a comedian, but the folks at Fox News have convinced themselves that he is a secret liberal activist who is out to destroy them. For every piece of video of Stewart mocking a Republican, you can find one of him mocking a Democrat, but Fox News isn’t buying it.

They know that Jon Stewart is a secret liberal activist. Of course they can’t prove it, but they know it.

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