Bill Maher: Republican Indiscriminate Spawning Is Killing The Environment

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On his HBO program Real Time, Bill Maher called out Republican breeders for killing the environment with their Bible based overpopulation strategy.

Here is the video:

After showing a picture of Jon Huntsman and his family, Maher said, “Gov. Huntsman here is supposed to be the moderate conservative. The one who cares about the environment then why did he stop after two kids? We live on a sick and tired planet. The human race is now consuming every year what it takes 1.3 years to restore. How is having a large family a badge of honor? If we want to prevent living in a nightmare world with people fighting over water and food and God knows what else, we have to discourage indiscriminate spawning. Starting with calling out these nauseating freaks, the Duggars, who have 19 children so they’re adorable, and their television show is called 19 Kids and Counting. If they had 19 cats and counting their show would be called Hoarders.”

The answer why so many Republicans and people like the Duggars have so many kids can be found in Sarah Jones’s recent interview with Quiverfull walkaway Vyckie Garrison,

Vyckie Garrison: Political domination is a core principle of the Quiverfull worldview. Quiverfull’s proof-text, Psalm 127, promises that the man whose quiver is full of arrows “will not be ashamed, but will speak with the enemies in the gate.” We were taught that in Bible times, the city gate was the place where male leaders made decisions regarding local government.

The whole point of having a quiver full of babies is to

1) out-populate the “enemy,” that is, the godless, liberal, lesbian feminists, and

2) launch those many arrows “straight into the heart of the enemy.” And by that, we meant that our children would grow up to be leaders in all the major institutions of our society: Faith, Family, Education, Art, Business, Media, and Government — this is known as the “Seven Mountains doctrine.”

The extremist fundamentalists and Mormons that make up the GOP field see a large family first in terms of their religion, then as a political statement. These people are expressing literally trying to over populate and outnumber those who disagree with them. Since the official Republican position on climate change is to deny that it is occurring, the environment is not a concern to them.

Now that the Republican Party has been hijacked by religious extremists, family size is important because it demonstrates the candidate’s commitment to God. The contest to outdo each other on family size at the last Republican presidential debate was all about appealing to fundamentalist GOP primary voters.

What started out as a riff on Bristol Palin’s new book, soon found its way into a serious subject. Bill Maher had it partially right when he talked about the presidential candidate family size as it relates to symbolism of commitment to the Bible and the anti-choice position on abortion, but there is a deeper motive to the desire of many who support the Republican cause to have large families.

Extremists are out to overrun “the enemy” through overpopulation. The breeders are breeding their own little political army, which they will use to fulfill their dream of America as a nation governed by the Bible.

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