Ann Coulter Won’t Stop Trying to Push Sarah Palin to the 2012 Sidelines

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Conservative Republicans are still trying to take Sarah Palin out of 2012. This time, it’s Ann Coulter on Sean Hannity suggesting, “She’s a great voice for conservatism; why bother running for president?” Yes, why would anyone want to run for President if they have a great voice for conservatism? Maybe because….they have a great voice for conservatism.

Coulter tossed the often repeated Arizona Senate bone as Palin consolation prize:

Coulter doesn’t really like any candidate as much as she likes Chris Christie (please, don’t ask yourself why), but she’s resigned herself to Romney as the eventual nominee. Getting there is a bloody path, though, as she took down nearly every other Republican candidate, claiming that for president you need someone “who is stellar and a cut above,” but she saved the best for Sarah Palin. After Coulter ticked off the list of Republican candidates, Hannity asked, “What about Sarah Palin?”

“I don’t think she’s going to. I think she should run for Senate…She just bought a place in Arizona. We could use her in the Senate. I think she’s a great voice for conservatism, why bother running for President?”

Coulter thinks Palin should run for the Senate in Arizona, where Palin recently bought a house (or maybe not, due to title problems). Even Ann Coulter knows that this is absurd, because Sarah Palin was never engaged in the legislative process and she disliked working. More importantly, Sarah Palin does not do one of a pack. She is the star of her world.

So basically this is the GOP’s nice nudge to the sidelines. They’d love nothing more than to keep Palin relegated to cheerleader status lest she ruin their 2012 chances, but they can’t come out and attack her without risking alienating her very loyal Tea Party evangelical base. I guess no one ever warned them about the dangers of playing teeter-totter with power hungry grizzlies.

Coulter wants Palin to sit the Presidential run out so badly that she’s tossing out Kyl’s Senate seat. I assume this means they still haven’t vetted Palin, but they might want to google “Palin senate seat short list Murkowski” to see how well Palin likes being told what she can have and what she can’t have after she’s done her job for the party.

The boys are gonna need a bigger bone than a Senate seat. They already gave her a platform on their network, and she’s done reality TV. She even has a movie coming out. What else do you get the girl who has everything, if not the GOP nomination for president? Maybe her own network, like Oprah?

It’s worth a try.

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