Alaska Veteran Denounces MSM As The Sarah Palin Fan Club

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Kim Chatman is an Alaskan, a veteran and a mother, as well as being known for filing one of the more successful ethics complaints against former Governor Sarah Palin regarding Palin’s legal defense fund, which was later found to have broken state ethics law.

Days before Palin officially resigned her post as Governor a year and a half before her first term was completed, the ADN reported on the investigator’s findings regarding Palin’s Alaska Fund Trust (legal defense fund):

“In light of the evidence that the governor expressly authorized the creation of the trust and the fact the trust website quite openly uses the governor’s position to solicit donations, there is probable cause to believe that Governor Palin used, or attempted to use, her official position for personal gain in violation of Alaska statute,” Anchorage attorney Tom Daniel wrote in his report.

Daniel recommended that Palin refuse to take the money raised by her legal defense fund, called the Alaska Fund Trust.

Now, in a previously unpublished letter, Kim Chatman urges Americans to what the mainstream media won’t; hold Sarah Palin accountable.

An open letter to the MSM aka Lamestream media from an Alaskan Woman,
Veteran, Real American and Mother of several children.

I am letting you know that I am tired of Sarah Palin. The MSM and local
Alaskan news agencies have dropped the ball on reporting the truth about
her. Bloggers and private citizens of Alaska have been working diligently
to reveal the real Sarah Palin, but for some reason she continues to get a
free pass from all of you. She has been allowed to call you the Lamestream
Media and instead of you ignoring her, you follow her around stroking her
ego, and make her think that she could be a viable candidate for the
Presidency, when in fact she is not. Instead of following her around and
asking her if she is going to run, one of you needs to stand up and tell her
she is not qualified.

The truth is that John McCain acted very irresponsibly (in an act of
desperation) by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate without properly
vetting her. Now she is a millionaire being coddled by Ghostwriters, Fox
News, and rich white men. All of which are allowing her to hide behind
them. She is never held accountable and in her own mind it’s always
everyone else’s fault and never hers. Sarah Palin and her supporters will go
after anyone who does have the nerve to stand up to her. If it weren’t for
John McCain, Religion, Abortion and Guns, Sarah Palin would have no presence
on the national stage whatsoever. She would not be a millionaire, and her
children would not be overexposed. Not one of you has ever called her out,
how do you know that she is what she says, her followers only care about
what she says not her actions. Her Christian values are very questionable,
she talks the talk but does not walk the walk. But yet still she gets the
free pass.

As an Alaskan I have done my part, I will continue to hold her accountable
because of her actions. With the assistance of Andree McLeod I filed the
Alaska Fund Trust ethics complaint, which was found to be in violation of
forming and had to give the money back to the donors. Not one news agency
followed up with the results of the complaint, and we have never heard
whether they paid back the money of not. The MSM does not follow through on
stories about Sarah Palin, once the story is released that’s it, whatever
happened to investigative reporting? To this day Sarah Palin still says
that she has been found not guilty regarding the ethics complaints, that
they are frivolous and that the ethics complaints are a conspiracy by the
Democrats. None of which is true. Not one news agency followed up, once
again Sarah Palin got her free pass.

The emails were released to the News Agencies that requested them, the
emails were heavily redacted and many were withheld. The MSM never
questioned the redactions or the emails that were withheld, you just let it
go. Her supporters made fun of the MSM aka lamesteam media. I sent an
email to Governor Parnell’s office requesting a list of who reviewed the
emails and made the decision to redact. Naturally I got an email back
stating there is not a list, I expected that. But not one news agency even
mentioned maybe checking to see who had made the decision to redact and
withhold the emails. Free pass for Sarah Palin.

Recently there have been books written about Sarah Palin and they all have a
common theme – Sarah Palin is a compulsive liar, a vindictive mean girl,
she never claims responsibility for her actions, and she can’t manage her
own household much less a Town, State or Nation. For some reason there
hasn’t been much reporting on the book by Geoffrey Dunn. But “Going Rogue”
was all over the place in the media, you followed her around at book
signings, once again she got her free pass and made a lot of money. I have
read all the books that have been written regarding her and I can tell you
Geoffrey Dunn’s book is well written, he did his homework, everyone that
thinks that she should run for President should read Mr. Dunn’s book.

I live in Europe now, and it’s quite embarrassing that the majority of the
people in Europe think that she’s a joke, but Americans support her based on
the sometimes incoherent “word salad” that comes out of her mouth. So, as
an Alaskan Woman, Veteran, Real American, and Mother of several children, I
am asking you to take away Sarah Palin’s free pass, hold her accountable
just as she holds you accountable. Quit letting her make a joke of you,
let’s take politics back, because if Sarah Palin ever gets anywhere near the
Presidency of the United States it would be disastrous.

Thank you,

Kim Chatman

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