Fox News Blames Jon Stewart For Their Own Biased Editing

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Chris Wallace was on Don Imus’ Fox Business show this morning where he blamed Jon Stewart for the editing out of Stewart’s criticism of Fox News in their interview.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Imus brought up that Stewart pointed out that Fox News edited out his criticism of the network, and Wallace responded by blaming Jon Stewart. He said, “If he looked bad it was his fault. We did edit, but the fact is people say well look at the whole version. The reason that anybody has seen the full version is that we put it out. We weren’t hiding anything. We put it on our website. Very much as he does, when you do an interview you often edit it. Quite frankly, Jon was filibustering and he went on and on for 24 minutes and we had to cut it up, cut it down. It was still 14 minutes, which was longer than we had intended, and if you want to watch the full interview, though I can’t imagine why anyone would. It is there on the Fox News Sunday website.”

Wallace never actually answered the criticism that Fox News intentionally edited out Stewart’s mention of the leaked emails of FNC exec Bill Sammons that prove that the network has a bias and it does give marching orders.

In an interview that supposedly went 10 minutes over why did Fox News choose to edit a five second reference to Bill Sammon’s emails?

The answer is that those 5 seconds change the context of the whole exchange.

Here is what Fox News aired:

Here is the whole exchange:

By cutting Stewart’s proof of marching orders and intentional bias, it looks like the question is up for debate.

Wallace’s excuse about Stewart “filibustering” is a joke. Using his own logic, Wallace and Fox News didn’t think that Jon Stewart’s mention of evidence of the network’s bias was important so they left it on the cutting room floor. The interview was cut in a way to make Stewart look bad. It doesn’t matter that they put the full interview up on their website a day later. They got their message out to those Fox News viewers who watched the show live and on replay on Sunday.

Jon Stewart has more viewers than every Fox News program but one. I suspect that Stewart is one of the main reasons that younger people don’t watch Fox News. He is the main critic of Fox, and has devoted countless segments to mocking and exposing their bias and techniques. The Fox News editing of a Stewart segment on their network has happened before. Some funny editing was used when he was on The O’Reilly Factor debating about Common.

You need to see the big picture in order to understand that what happened on Sunday wasn’t only about Fox News trying to keep evidence of their bias off their network. This is also a campaign to delegitimize Jon Stewart. Fox is pushing the message hard that Stewart is a secret liberal activist with a political agenda.

Fox News feels threatened by Stewart, and they are trying discredit their foremost critic.

That is what the hack job edit was really about on Fox News Sunday.

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