Rachel Maddow Details Jon Huntsman’s Hilarious Day of Disaster

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Rachel Maddow details Jon Huntsman’s hilarious day of disasters to begin his presidential campaign and debunks the media narrative that Team Huntsman is expertly competent.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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One of the things that went wrong for Huntsman was just plain bad luck. The tour boat that screwed up their shot of the candidate ala Ronald Reagan with the Statue of Liberty in the backdrop not their fault, but getting the candidate’s name wrong on the press passes, not buying all the domain names related to the candidate’s name, having the wrong address and phone number for the campaign on its own website, and trying to send the press to Saudi Arabia instead of New Hampshire, were all mistakes born out of poor organization.

It is tough to see how a presidential candidate could have a worse kickoff. As Rachel Maddow put it, “Getting the name of your candidate wrong, getting the state wrong where you launched your campaign in getting your address wrong, getting your phone number wrong, not getting the cameras pointed at the Statue of Liberty, and then the generator dies 12 minutes before the announcement, and then as soon as the whole thing is over and it time for whatever this guy’s name is to go to his next campaign event in New Hampshire, when it comes time to get all the press, all those dozens of press get them on board the plane to go with whatever his name is to go to New Hampshire for his first big campaign event. What happens? They try to accidentally board the press corps on to a plane that is not going to New Hampshire, but is instead going to Saudi Arabia.”

After pointing out that Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney’s roll outs also didn’t go as planned, Maddow pointed out the press narrative on Jon Huntsman didn’t match his campaign launch, “The reason so many reporters were at the Huntsman launch today even though he’s polling so low right now, the reason he is being taken so seriously by the press even before he is being taken seriously by anybody else is because he is supposedly one of the real pros. The sense of viability with which the press has imbued Jon Huntsman’s campaign is due in part to the fact that he has got a substantial portion of John McCain’s campaign staff working for him, and John McCain after all won the nomination the last time around.”

Maddow concluded by calling out The New York Times for sticking to their narrative about Huntsman despite the facts, “Even in the midst of this cascade of embarrassing failures on day one of his presidential campaign The New York Times still wrote up the event today as, “having lived up to the candidate’s reputation for expert stage management.” Really? You mean the campaign that got the name, address, phone number, and plane to Saudi Arabia wrong? On day one? Once the press has seized on a narrative, about a candidate, it is sometimes hard to shake them from that narrative no matter how much evidence to the contrary…”

The media narrative doesn’t match reality. If you have read many of the books related to the 2008 campaign, it is easy to come to the conclusion that John McCain won the Republican nomination in spite of his campaign staff, not because of them. That campaign was characterized by disorganization and open to the media infighting.

The mistakes they made would have been forgivable if this campaign was a spur of the moment effort, but how did these things happen when this launch has been in the planning stages for months? The disaster today is the mark of a poorly organized campaign.

The fact that there were more media there than supporters tells us everything we need to know both about Huntsman’s campaign organization, and his chances of winning the Republican nomination.

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