Here’s What Michelle Obama is Doing in Africa Besides Getting TCOT in a Tizzy

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Conservatives are up in arms over the First Lady’s trip to Africa. What is she doing to cause such outrage? Well, gosh…..she must be starting an anti-American revolution of Marxists or maybe she’s doing something super outrageous like talking to young people and working against extremism! Yikes. We can’t have that. What’s next? Will she dare to speak out against our own extremists here?

I think you get the drift of why the conservatives might be angry enough to flood the pages of any website who allows their endless vomit about the First Lady.

So here’s a little bit about what she’s really doing in Africa. The First Lady delivers a message before leaving on her Africa trip, urging young people to engage with each other in order to find commonalities: (Darn you, commie!)

“The First Lady just arrived in South Africa and as we start this journey to meet with young African leaders we hope you will join us.

Since Mrs. Obama announced this trip we’ve heard from young people at home and abroad who are excited to learn more about their peers in Africa, and we want to share your stories with the young leaders we meet. Mrs. Obama hopes you will use this as an opportunity to build connections across the globe, to stretch your imagination, and think of ways you can impact the world around you.”

See? SEE? She’s talking to young people! Building connections across the globe with nations who may nor may not be exceptional but surely are not exceptional like we are! Oh, jeepers, if she apologizes for America it’s all over!

At the U.S.-sponsored Young African Women Leaders Forum, the First Lady will meet with young women who are making an impact in their own countries. Our First Lady will be talking with Toyosi Akerele, who talks about hope and human and material resources. She praises America, but we have to realize how these libs have secret code so I’m sure what she really meant was “On your knees!”

And then there’s Annah Tseko who works with young children to help them do their homework. My god, is there no end to Michele’s care for the children of the world? This is just wrong.

If you’re still concerned about the obvious outrage of a First Lady doing something other than reading for her husband, I suggest you follow Michelle as she tours Africa. Who knows, we might meet some more interesting, engaged young people. And we all know how dangerous educated and engaged young people are.

Why, here in America our Republican governors are making sure those kids can’t vote; darn college education tends to make them vote in the best interests of democracy, and we can’t have that.

(By the way, this is your late night snack, but since I took liberties with the title, it wouldn’t fit. Some days are like that.)

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