A Desperate Rick Scott Astroturfs His Own Fan Mail

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is so unpopular that he has to write his own fan mail.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Gov. Rick Scott has started his own Astroturf movement. Scott’s website contains letters that have been written by his own campaign staff that can be signed and emailed to one of seven different Sunshine State newspapers.

Here is the letter,

Dear Editor,

When Rick Scott ran for Governor he promised to create jobs and turn our economy around. I voted for Rick because he’s always been a businessman, not a politician. While politicians usually disappoint us and rarely keep their promises, Rick is refreshing because he’s keeping his word. His policies are helping to attract businesses to our state and get people back to work. Some of the special interests are attacking the Governor for making tough decisions, showing leadership, and doing what he told us he would do. Rick Scott deserves our unwavering and enthusiastic support. How can we expect to elect leaders who will keep their word and do what’s right for our state if we don’t stand up for those with the courage to set priorities, make difficult choices, and actually deliver on their promises made?

It is safe to assume that Gov. Scott and his staff have seen the recent polls that show that he is the least popular governor in America. If they weren’t convinced by the polls, then maybe it was the fact that an entire police union flipped to the Democratic Party and is holding a drive to get other Floridians to leave the GOP too? Scott came into the governor’s mansion unpopular and has seen his approval rating drop to 29% since taking office.

Scott’s campaign to convince the state residents that somebody there actually likes him is one step above Sarah Palin creating a Facebook account as Lou Sarah in order to run around and like herself. At least, Scott has a political motivation for what he is doing.

A rational person would suggest that anytime a politician has to write their own fan letters it might be a good idea to take some time and think about why your constituents don’t like you, but as we know, Republicans aren’t big into self-reflection or thought. The Republican approach is different. If people don’t like you, trick them into thinking they do.

If you want to have some fun, Rick Scott’s Astroturf form letter is easy to edit. Run on over to Rick Scott’s website and create your own letter explaining why Scott should be impeached.

Show Rick Scott what democracy looks like.

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