The Politicus Pulse – June 20, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

Media’s in Need of Intervention in its Palin Obsession (Miami Herald)

Memo to the lamestream media: Your Palin addiction is getting out of hand.

With Executive Pay, Rich Pull Away From Rest of America (WaPo)

A mounting body of economic research indicates that the rise in pay for company executives is a critical feature in the widening income gap.

Inside ‘The Order,’ One Mormon Cult’s Secret Empire (Rolling Stone)

America’s most twisted crime family – and the boys who dared to defy it.

7 Life Lessons from the Very Wealthy (WaPo)

There are surprising insights to be gleaned from the experiences of the very wealthy regarding their investments and experience with wealth.

Paul Krugman on Inspiration for a Liberal Economist (The Browser)

Continuing our weekly series on American progressivism, we talk to the Nobel prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman, on why he counts himself a liberal.

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