Sanctimonious GOP Vulgarians Turn on Obama Impersonator Reggie Brown

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What is wrong with Republicans?

Video surfaced today of the Republicans kicking Reggie Brown, their Obama impersonator, off the stage at the Republican Leadership Conference after he made fun of their candidates. I confess that I’ve been struggling to understand what passes for Republican humor ever since we found out that they think Colbert is a conservative and tried to claim “Obama Waffles” “Barack the Magic Negro” and “Watermelon White House” were “satire”.

I’m still befuddled after watching this video, because they were gettin’ a good laugh on as Reggie mocked Obama’s race and birthplace but they got all button down upset when Reggie went for the Obamneycare.

See, it’s rip roarin’ funny when the impersonator goes after Obama, talks about race endlessly, and equates Obama with the Kardashians. I’d grade this sort of low level base humor on par with what I expected from my nephew when he was in Junior High, but I’ll note that even my small town nephew with a big heart got the cruelty of such jokes by the time he reached the ripe age of 13. Happiest laughter at Anthony Weiner jokes — this coming from a party chock full of elected officials who have committed actual sex crimes and remain in office, self-awareness clearly not in evidence in New Orleans this night.

When do they get offended? When the humor is directed at their candidates, of course.

They no likey the jokes about Romney having second and third wives – sharp intake of breath. Did you see the picture of the two wives in sexy get ups? Come on, it’s funny! We all know Mitt doesn’t have two wives. Relax people. So, it’s OK to be a racist but not OK to mention Mormonism. Keep up with me here.

Next up was Pawlenty’s absence due to having his foot surgically removed from his mouth. This joke was also a few titters short of laughter, and the double down on Obamneycare grew even less tittering from the button downs. This is their own joke, but it’s not funny when deployed against the creator of the joke? Seriously?

Uh-oh, here comes the old white man to escort Reggie off the stage. Bye-bye Reggie. Maybe they gave him some Obama waffles as consolation prize, ‘cuz nothing says funny like racial stereotypes used by the very people employing racism to keep entire classes of people down.

Looks like the Republican Party is no longer the party of class and integrity, but a party full of white-sheeted angry people looking to get approval for their message of white suppression at the hands of the all powerful African American community. This, of course, is not funny. Because typically, good humor has an edge of truth to it and self-pity is never funny unless one is satirizing their self-absorption ala Larry David.

I’m all for conservative passive aggressive rage surfacing and being given room to vent. In fact, I wish they’d vent like this more often, as it might spare the rest of us their public displays of petulance, but I’m afraid a baby knows its best weapon is the volume of its relentless cry. Maybe it’s not funny coming from a black man. I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

I tried to picture my Rockefeller Republican grandparents in this audience, and all I could imagine was their stoic attempt to not publicly register their shock and horror at the audience’s vulgar, angry, gleeful laughs during the Obama portions – Grandma’s lips pressed together in disapproval and Grandpa looking down his nose in an unconsciously overt gesture of contempt for the shameful exhibition. Had I been with them as a child, I can imagine them taking my hand and whispering, “Get your coat. We’re leaving.” And afterward, on the long silent walk home, not a word would be said, because if you couldn’t say something nice….

Of course, my grandparents were civic-minded givers who believed that any acknowledgment of charity made the act worthless. They were class acts who paid their own way but used their good fortune to help others. I never heard a racist word come out of either of their mouths. In all fairness, I doubt that they would have found the current GOP field funny, either. They were Presbyterians, and deplored extremism except in the case of their personal financial independence. This fiscal miserliness was never, however, applied to others.

The modern GOP is a circus act of vulagarians vying for best hater award while clinging to their godless Ayn Rand justification for the cruelties of their policies. These are not conservatives; these are angry, childish clowns. It’s ironic, but the modern Republican Party is every bit as radical and obscene as they claim the liberals of the 60’s were, though the liberals of the ’60’s were reacting to genuine issues, rather than denying the truth that they screwed their own ideology.

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