Fox News Calls Jon Stewart A Racist

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Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace set up most of his interview with Jon Stewart to try to prove that Stewart is a partisan liberal activist, and for good measure they insinuated that The Daily Show host is a racist.

Here is the video from Mediate:

Jon Stewart explained the difference between himself and Fox News, “Here’s the difference between you and I. I am a comedian first. My comedy is informed by an ideological background. There’s no question about that, and the thing that you will never understand, and the thing that in some respects conservative activists will never understand is that Hollywood, yeah they’re liberal, but that’s not their primary motivating force. I’m not an activist. I’m a comedian.”

Wallace brought up David Zurawik’s criticism that Stewart dodges criticism by claiming he is only a comedian. Stewart responded, “When did I say to you I am only a comedian? I said I’m a comedian first. That’s not only. Being a comedian is harder than what you do. What I do is much harder. I put material through a comedic process. I don’t just sit around and narrate.”

After playing clip of Jon Stewart doing his Herman Cain impression, Chris Wallace asked if he was planning a remake of Amos and Andy, and Stewart called out his bias, “Why don’t you show, do you show me doing all the voices for all the other people that we do? Do you want to see my New York voice? My Chinese guy voice? Are you suggesting you and I are the same? Are you suggesting? What am I at my highest aspiration, and what you at your highest aspiration?”

Wallace claimed that Stewart wants to be a political player, and he shot Wallace down, “You are wrong. You’re dead wrong. I appreciate what you are saying. Do I want my voice heard? Do I want my voice heard? Absolutely, that’s why I got into comedy.” Stewart asked Wallace if he thought he was an activist, and he said yes.

The Daily Show host tried to explain the difference between himself and Fox News, “Ok, then I disagree with. You can’t understand because of the world you live in that there is not a designed ideological agenda on my part to affect partisan change. Because that’s the soup you swim in. I appreciate that, and I understand it. It reminds of ideological regimes. They can’t understand that there is free media other places because they get marching orders.”

This interview was all about Wallace trying to prove that Jon Stewart is just like Fox News. Wallace was trying to prove that Stewart is a partisan who is pushing a liberal agenda, and for good measure he threw in the Herman Cain thing to insinuate that Jon Stewart is a liberal racist. Despite Stewart’s praise for Chris Wallace as someone who brings credibility to Fox, Wallace proved his partisan lean by pushing the idea that Stewart has secret desires to be a political player, and suggesting that he hates conservative black people.

Every time I have written about Fox News and Jon Stewart, conservatives always complain that it is apples and oranges. Stewart is comedy, FNC is news. This time Fox News intentionally compared themselves to Jon Stewart in an effort to push the message that he is an activist hiding behind comedy, just like Fox News is activism hiding behind the pretext of news.

Besides being a liberal, one of the right’s other favorite charges against Jon Stewart is that he is a racist. Back in 2007, a white supremest organization, which I will not link to, called for Stewart to be fired because he is racist against whites. In 2010, right wing talk show host Michael Savage claimed that Stewart is the cause of anti-antisemitism, and the right wing media has chirping for almost two weeks that Stewart is a racist after his Herman Cain joke.

Today’s stealth attack against Stewart came from an organization that has pushed stories fueled by racism like ACORN, the New Black Panthers, Shirley Sherrod, and Common. Since Obama was elected, Fox News has done everything in their power to make broaden and exploit America’s racial divide. Plus, Glenn Beck’s claim on Fox and Friends that Obama is a racist.

The allegation of racism against Jon Stewart was subtle, but it was there. When Wallace referred to Amos and Andy, the point was made. Many who have written about this interview today have missed it, but it can’t be denied.

Chris Wallace and Fox News insinuated that Jon Stewart is a racist.

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