The Tea Party Express Presents the Champions of the People!

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The Tea Party Express presents these six Republicans facing recall not only champions of the people, but martyrs for the people. I thought it would be educational to look at how the TPE presents them, and what the People for the American Way (PFAW) have to say about them. So, without further ado, I present to you your 2011 Tea Party Express Champions of the People!

Senator Robert Cowles (R) – Senator Cowles’ time in Wisconsin’s capitol has been dedicated to cutting waste and fraud. He has made strong calls for audits to both the public energy sector and state Medicaid program. He has been an ally to Wisconsin taxpayers, advocating for efficiency in government by cutting wasteful spending. As Senator Cowles faces a recall, he needs your support!

PFAW: He twice voted against raising the minimum wage, and twice voted to constrain the rights of victims of medical malpractice to seek justice in court. He even opposed allowing victims of pay discrimination to seek compensation from their employers. He calls himself a proud social conservative and has a “D” rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, but in 2008 it was revealed that he had tens of thousands of dollars invested in companies that run strip clubs. He eventually sold the stock after it was exposed.

Senator Alberta Darling (R) – Senator Darling has recognized the dire state of Wisconsin’s budget and has worked hard to reign in spending. She has co-authored the Job Creation Act, promoting private sector growth while voting to cut taxes. Senator Darling is working hard to protect Wisconsin and she needs your help!

PFAW: The union-busting bill wasn’t Darling’s first vote against Wisconsin working families. She twice voted to make it more difficult for victims of medical malpractice to seek justice in court, and repeatedly opposed raising the minimum wage.


Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R) –Senator Harsdorf feels Wisconsinites are taxed enough and the only way to fix the budget is to slash government spending. The Senator has made a strong stand against the union bosses focused on recalling her saying: “Union bosses don’t run government, people do.  I will not be intimidated into voting against taxpayers.” She has proven to be a strong representative of the people, but needs your support now!

PFAW: Harsdorf received perfect 100% scores over the last two years from the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s chief pro-corporate lobby group. She also came out strongly in favor of massive tax breaks for corporations and loosening business regulations, even as she backed Walker’s draconian budget cuts.  She even supported a business tax break that experts believed would be largely ineffective at creating jobs, and consistently opposed raising the minimum wage and supported legislation to allow businesses to escape a penalty over discriminatory pay and hiring practices.

Senator Luther Olsen (R) – Senator Olsen is a dedicated proponent for education and has tirelessly advocated on the students behalf. He has recognized the flaws in the education system and by voting for Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law, shows he understands the damages big-unions have done to our education system. As Senator Olsen comes under fire from the desperate unions, he will need your help!

PFAW: A Fiscal Conservative Who Rakes in Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Government Subsidies…He twice voted against increasing the minimum wage and also opposed compensation for discriminatory pay. Reflecting on his pro-corporate voting record, the Wisconsin lobby group for manufacturers gave him perfect 100% scores in 2009 and 2010.

As the chair of the Senate Education Committee, Olsen has been a vocal supporter of using public funds for private school vouchers and has voted to expand the program. According to the La Crosse Tribune, Olsen and his Republican counterpart in the State House “want to look at expanding Milwaukee Parental Choice, the state’s only private school voucher program,” even though studies show that the MPC has been ineffective in raising scores and sends taxpayer money to religious schools.

Senator Randy Hopper (R) – Senator Hopper ran for office wanting to change the “politics-as-usual” mentality. Upon entering office, he donated his legislative pay raise to three YMCAs’ Strong Kids Campaigns. As a former small business owner, he is focused on economic development and job creation. He has committed to lowering taxes and growing the economy – support Senator Hopper as he fights off this unwarranted recall election!

PFAW: Hopper says he’s simply trying to balance the budget, but his real goal is tax giveaways to benefit the super-wealthy like himself. In addition, Hopper in January voted in favor of an income tax credit for private health savings accounts that “primarily benefit the wealthy,” and consistently received perfect 100% ratings from the state’s pro-corporate lobby…He opposed raising the minimum wage and fixing the wage to the rate of inflation. While Hopper voted against compensation for victims of hiring and pay-discrimination, he supported legislation that makes it more difficult for victims of medical malpractice to seek justice in court.

Senator Dan Kapanke (R) – Senator Kapanke, a veteran and former business owner, was named “Legislator of the Year” for is innovative ideas and strong stance on Wisconsin’s out-of-control spending. Senator Kapanke was one of the big proponents to the collective bargaining law that was passed in Wisconsin recently. He is a proven conservative reformer, which in-turn has put him in the crosshairs of the unions. As the recall election approaches, he needs your help!

PFAW:  Kapanke’s questionable relationship with lobbyists led to ethical improprieties. Dan Kapanke is not only a state senator but also owner of a local baseball team. Under state law he is not allowed to receive anything of monetary value from lobbyists or the organizations that employ them, yet employers of lobbyists purchased advertisements in his team’s baseball stadium. Kapanke claimed that such money went to a charitable foundation and not him directly, but it was later uncovered that he was using money from the foundation to pay off his debts to the city. After getting caught breaking ethics laws by using his charity as a slush fund, Kapanke said he would pay $16,000 back, but it turned out that he used the charity to pay the city $32,000 to cover his personal debts.

This wasn’t Kapanke’s first run-in with ethics problems. When it was revealed that his government staffers illegally coordinated with his campaign to organize two forums, the resulting legal episode cost taxpayers $38,000.


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