Tea Party Express Claims to Fight for Freedom of the Workers

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On April 28, Democrats managed to get a sixth Republican senator, Robert Cowles, added to the recall list in Wisconsin out of eight who are eligible. With a disregard for reality so complete you almost have to admire it, the Tea Party Express says these corrupt Wisconsin Republicans, who are being made subject to  recall after illegally passing anti-union legislation, got a raw deal, that they are workers champions under attack from the evil liberal elite.

In what is surely a prize-winning example of propaganda, the TPE cries, “Wisconsin has become ground zero in the fight between corrupt big-union bosses and the fiscally responsible conservatives, which are trying to usher in legislative policies that will fix their state’s budget.”

It’s obvious to everyone that Wisconsin’s budget problems have nothing to do with collective bargaining and that stripping away the fundamental rights of citizens is not a solution – they’re as unrelated as apples and oranges. And for the utterly corrupt Wisconsin GOP to claim corruption in the Unions is laughable. It wasn’t the unions trying to strip away essential liberties in order to destroy the two-party system and usher in the reign of one-party, state-level totalitarianism.

That would be the Tea Party.

If you have studied totalitarian propaganda, you will surely recognize the following statement, as bombastic as anything found in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany:

We have profiled below 6 Wisconsin State Senators that have represented their constituents with honesty and integrity. They have engaged in productive debate and advocated for fiscally responsible solutions to Wisconsin’s financial woes. Now, after passing legislation that would limit the corrupt union’s power and give freedoms back to the workers, these Senators have come under a barrage of attacks.

Freedom to the workers!???? Seriously? By taking away their collective bargaining rights? How does taking away rights confer freedom?

Consider this fact about the Tea Party Express as you read their diatribe: Writes Yasha Levine, “the event organizer for the Tea Party Express—that’s the one that did those bus tours with Sarah Palin—worked as a former spokesperson for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps” – an extreme right-wing vigilante “collection of groups infamous for running armed patrols and bagging illegal crossers at the Mexican border.”

This is some contorted thinking. But it gets better:

The well-funded and well-organized Democratic Party and Big-Union machines have successfully recalled the state senators featured below. The Tea Party Express is organizing its team to enter Wisconsin and defend these conservative Senators. As governors across the country begin to take on these well-established unions, the strategy we develop in Wisconsin will be key in defeating these unions nation-wide.

Considering the Tea Party that put these clowns into office in Wisconsin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, the idea that the Democratic Party and “Big-Union machines” are well-funded is laughable. The liberal response to the Tea Party’s naked power-grab in Wisconsin was a true grass-roots effort, diametrically opposed to the Astroturf Tea Party movement with its corporate sponsors. People for the American Way reports with regard to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser:

According to the Brennan Center for Justice of New York University, which monitors spending in judicial elections, pro-corporate groups have greatly outspent progressive organizations. The Brennan Center found that spending in the race passed the $3.5 million mark, with most of the spending benefiting Prosser.

While the Greater Wisconsin Committee ran ads against Prosser’s reelection, pro-corporate organizations such as the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (an amalgamate of the Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce and the Wisconsin Manufacturers Association), the Club for Growth, Citizens for a Strong America, and the Tea Party Express have flooded the state with ads supporting Prosser and berating Kloppenburg.

As of Monday, the four groups which backed Prosser spent a combined $2,177,220, but the Greater Wisconsin Committee spent $1,363,040. The final spending figures have not yet been tallied.

You want well-funded corporate shills? “Citizens for a Strong America, a front group for the Koch Brothers-financed Americans for Prosperity, ran an ad so erroneous that the nonpartisan group PolitiFact gave it a “pants on fire” rating.” It was reported in 2010:

Charles and David Koch, the owners of Wichita-based Koch Industries Inc.bizWatch , were ranked fifth on Forbes magazine’s list of the nation’s 400 richest Americans.

Their wealth was listed by Forbes at $21.5 billion apiece. But somehow it’s the Democrats who are well-funded elites? For sheer, unmitigated gall, the Tea Party must win the all time prize. That level of dishonesty deserves awards.

The Tea Party is shaking in its boots. It knows its corporate masters are unhappy. It is well aware that the Democrats only need a net gain of three seats in order to take control of the Wisconsin State Senate and bring the nascent evil empire crashing to the ground like a Saddam Hussein statue. But these champions of the common people already have a plan to defend their championship of the common people: namely, taking away even more of the common peoples’ rights:

In July, Wisconsin voters will start heading to the polls for a series of elections to recall several of the GOP state senators who voted to bust the state’s public employee unions. But the Wisconsin GOP, true to form, has a sneaky plan: they’re trying to change the voting rules to prevent many college students, senior citizens and others without official state IDs from casting votes in the recall election.

I mean, what better way to defend the people than to disenfranchise them?

And as PFAW reminds us,Republicans have filed recall petitions against three of the 14 Democratic senators who stood in solidarity against Gov. Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin’s working families — Sens. Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch. So we have to play defense as well as offense.” And of course, in the time-honored, grand ole GOP style, dead people are signing these Republican petitions.

The TPE asks everyone (including the dead people) to “Join this battle and support our team that will be hitting the ground in Wisconsin and defending conservative values.” From what I can tell, these values must be robbing American citizens of their fundamental rights, corruption, dishonesty and greed.

Coming Later Today: The Tea Party Express’ Champions of the People

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