Late Night Snack: Red Moon Rising Eclipse Coverage

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Eclipse coverage from around the globe as we celebrate the wonders of space.

Red Moon Rising: Rare lunar eclipse seen around the world — great explanation of the eclipse by RT TV:

India via newsxlive:

BBC- Joanna Gosling and Jon Sopel describe the eclipse as it was seen in South Africa. “Skywatchers in parts of Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Australia have witnessed the first total lunar eclipse of 2011 and the longest in nearly 11 years, experts say. This type of eclipse occurs when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon. But indirect sunlight can still illuminate the Moon turning it a dramatic shade of red.”

BBC eclipse coverage here.

Disclose TV:

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, a total lunar eclipse partially visible in the Benelux.

Disclose.tvFull Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse Video

I’m including this for those of you who might enjoy going back in time to other eclipses, or just being reminded that there are cultures out there where science is respected. Cool stuff – University of Applied Science Offenburg/Germany:

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