Paul Revere’s Revenge: Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating Sinks To 24%

Jun 15 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has some bad news for Sarah Palin. Thanks to Paul Revere, her orchestrated publicity tour over Memorial Day weekend managed to lower her approval rating to 24%.

Sarah Palin overall favorable rating is 24%. Her unfavorable rating is 54%. When the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll was last conducted in April, 9% of those surveyed had a very positive view of Palin. After Paul Revere that number is 7%. Her publicity blitz did cause people that have a very unfavorable view of her to drop from 41% to 38%, but this was offset by an increase in those who had a somewhat unfavorable view of her from 12% to 16%.

In a January 2011 CNN poll
, Sarah Palin had a 38% approval rating. By March, a Bloomberg poll had her sinking to 28%. In an April Washington Post poll, Palin’s approval with tea partiers fell to 60%, and her disapproval rating overall shot up to 55%. Later that same month, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll measured her approval rating at 25%.

To summarize, Sarah Palin’s approval rating when we began 2011 was 38%. It is now 24%. If the point of the bus tour was to make Palin more popular, then it was a gigantic fail on wheels. She may have been able to get something positive out of the bus tour until she was asked that gotcha question what did you do today? As soon as Palin answered with her revised history of Paul Revere’s ride, any shot at positive publicity was down the drain.

Some media outlets are blaming Palin fatigue for her low numbers, but how can we ever be tired of someone who never goes away? Sarah Palin is always there waving her arms and screaming look at me every minute of the day. If Palin wanted to rehab her image after the 2008 campaign, she should have gracefully exited the stage and laid low for a while. Sarah Palin doesn’t do graceful.

She is a traveling circus of ignorance and excuses. Put her on a bus and Sarah Palin is a mobile freak show that demands constant victimization. She thinks it is God’s will that she be president, and she isn’t going to let the fact that most of America can’t stand her stop her.

Palin already demonstrated how easy it is for her to upstage Romney. Don’t be surprised if she does it again, but that is a discussion for another time.

Today, Let’s ring those bells and fire those guns. It looks like Paul Revere has gotten his revenge, as Sarah Palin’s approval rating continues its downward slide to 24%.

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