With Listeners Fleeing Rush Limbaugh Sells Tea Partiers $23 Iced Tea

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With revenues on the decline and 33% of his listeners gone, today Rush Limbaugh tried to sell tea partiers $23.76 iced tea.

Here is the audio of Limbaugh’s nearly 4 minute commercial from Media Matters:

For just $23.76, you too can own iced tea that is just like Rush Limbaugh’s mother used to make. No seriously, he actually said during his commercial, “We have four flavors, well two flavors with variations on the flavors. We have regular. This stuff just like my mother used to make iced tea when I was growing up. It is the best iced tea I have ever tasted.”

No, really. He is seriously selling overpriced iced to an audience whose majority is elderly and retired. He is also doing this in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Apparently, Limbaugh decided that if Glenn Beck can take the rubes on the right for every dime they’ve got he can too. In 2008, Rush Limbaugh signed a $400 million contract, so it isn’t like he needs the money.

Limbaugh claimed that he started developing his iced tea last fall, which coincidentally was the same time that his audience started to nosedive. Maybe Rush knows something that we don’t?

He probably thought, “Hell, if Beck can make million selling morons seeds, think of the dough I can rake in with iced tea!” He probably figured that by slapping his mug on it, and babbling about freedom and liberty he could sell them anything.

Why would anyone spend $23.76 for iced tea when they could go to the store and buy any brand they wanted for a whole lot less?

If the tea party really believes that we should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, then they should go to the store grab some tea bags and sugar, and make their own iced tea the way the Founding Fathers intended.

Are tea partiers dumb enough to buy iced tea from Rush Limbaugh? Remember that these are the same people who once protested against socialized medicine while warning the government not to touch their Medicare. These are the same people who thought that by giving Republicans control of the House in 2010 they could repeal health care reform, and these are also the same folks who have no idea that they have been mobilized by the Koch brothers to support a corporatist agenda that actually harms them.

So, the answer is yes, they probably will buy Rush Limbaugh’s iced tea. I am sure it will go great with the survival seeds and emergency food that Glenn Beck had them buy last month.

Rush Limbaugh is giving a portion of the money to charity. The twoifbytea website promises that Rush will donate at least $100,000 starting in June 2011 to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, which is a great cause, but most of the cash will probably go into Limbaugh’s pocket. (Judging from the $100,000 number, he is probably donating around 10% or less).

If anyone really wants to help out the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, skip Limbaugh’s iced tea, and make a donation directly to them.

The real reason why this product is not in stores is because doing so would cut down on Limbaugh’s profit margin, or perhaps buyers for the major chains could stop laughing long enough for Limbaugh’s people to finish their pitch.

A plague is upon us. If Rush Limbaugh has his way dozens of senior citizens around our great land will hopped up an eight ball of iced tea and Obama hate.

A good rule of thumb is if Rush Limbaugh would drink it/do it, then you and your loved ones probably shouldn’t.

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