Michele Bachmann Outrages Supporters By Sending Fake Handwritten Letters

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A few of Michele Bachmann’s outspoken conservative constituents are none too pleased with her. Apparently, these folks who follow the FEMA camp, investigate members of Congress and repeal ObamaCares devotee were expecting her to be above “gimmicks”.

I kid you not.

But above gimmicks she is not! Turns out, the presidential hopeful sent out faux handwritten letters and to make matters even more insulting, her first two lines of the letter are a Palinesque ode to the truth, “Please excuse me for not typing this letter to you! I’ve been told my handwriting can be difficult to read!” Coupled as this hand-script font was with a homey bar code, the constituents were not fooled.

They wrote an open letter to Bachmann expressing their displeasure with her insult to their intelligence:

Dear Representative Bachmann:

There are few things more demeaning to intelligent supporters than receiving a letter that is obviously a bulk mailing (it even includes a bar code in the letter itself, for goodness sake!) in a hand-script font beginning with “Please excuse me for not typing this letter to you. I’ve been told my handwriting can be difficult to read!” [See yours dated 6 June 2011.]

Michele, this is just evidence of a breach in your integrity. You haven’t sat down to “type a letter” to me EVER! And I don’t expect you to. You’ve got more important things to do.

But, I don’t expect you to LIE to me about it either!


We are mostly all grown-ups out here. Treat us like we are and we will continue to support you out here–even if it isn’t with the “big bucks” (which most of us do not have).


/s/ Richard D. Cushing

P.S. — I’m a big support of what you stand for, Michele. Please don’t damage your “brand” with me and others like me with gimmicks that equate to lies.

Say it ain’t so, Joe, a breach in Bachmann’s integrity? I don’t think the House has a finer example of integrity than Ms Bachmann, after all, she called for that McCarthy investigation of her fellow congressional members to see who was “pro-America” and who wasn’t!

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed on Friday that Barack Obama and his wife Michelle held anti-American views and couldn’t be trusted in the White House. She even called for the major newspapers of the country to investigate other members of Congress to “find out if they are pro-America or anti-America.”

Tell me that’s not just as gosh darn, apple pie, white America as you can get! And then there’s her whole small goverenmenty thing, talkin’ so cute about how people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps like she and her family do with our taxpayer dollars for their farm subsidies. But honestly, nothing says American like going to a church that is so God-ish that they tell everyone that Catholics are of the anti-Christ. Talk about purity! Man, it doesn’t get any better than this:

We reject the idea that the teaching that the Papacy is the Antichrist rests on a merely human interpretation of history or is an open question. We hold rather that this teaching rests on the revelation of God in Scripture which finds its fulfillment in history. The Holy Spirit reveals this fulfillment to the eyes of faith (cf. The Abiding Word, Vol. 2, p. 764). Since Scripture teaches that the Antichrist would be revealed and gives the marks by which the Antichrist is to be recognized (2 Th 2:6,8), and since this prophecy has been clearly fulfilled in the history and development of the Roman Papacy, it is Scripture which reveals that the Papacy is the Antichrist.

Oh, wait! How about working to impose more federal government control on local schools? Oh, gee, I know what you’re thinking, but no, she’s not working with Obama’s brownshirts. Bachmann was a Bush girl who supported having people spy on teachers in case they were being “biased”:

Bachmann is a fervent supporter of George W. Bush, the president who has done the most to impose federal controls over local school districts. In 2005 Bachmann appeared with activist David Horowitz at a Capitol press conference and announced her intention to enact Horowitz’s “Academic Bill of Rights” into law. 1 Horowitz is the founder of an organization that encouraged its members to spy on classroom teachers and investigate them for “bias” by searching voter registration records.

The good news here is that we finally found the level of insult to intelligence that a grown up Bachmann supporter will not tolerate! (Also, could not have imagined a grown up Bachmann supporter, so this is truly a night of discovery and joy.) Yes, you may say the President wasn’t born here, suggest that scientists are whack for their belief in facts, rumor monger about FEMA camps and suggest that civic duties are indoctrination events. You may even top that off with advising people to break the law by not filling out the Census.

But you must never, ever appear to be using a gimmick like a fake hand-writing script.

For heaven’s sakes, Ms Bachmann, save the gimmicks for “repealing” ObamaCare, since you know you can’t do that from the House and you know you have no viable alternative. A fake hand-written note is the height of outrage among followers of the jingle-inclined Bachmann.

To those critics of Ms Bachmann, may I remind you that the lady has told us that she was chosen by God himself to be our next president? How dare you question the clearly non-presidentially-monogamous, but still all-powerful creator of our founding documents. If you keep this up, Ms Bachmann might have to launch an investigation into you boys….

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