House Dems Must Stop Obsessing Over Anthony Weiner and Get To Work

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One of human kind’s most admirable attributes is the ability to band together to accomplish feats that seem insurmountable, and history is replete with stories of unlikely allies overcoming challenges that appear impossible. In America today, there are economic problems that require a concerted effort to avert more job losses as well as defeat the corporatist mindset that is strangling the life out of the working-class and especially the poor who are without a champion to safeguard their survival much less the opportunity to prosper. It is painfully obvious that Republicans are not champions of the working class or the poor, and in fact, work solely to protect the prosperity of corporations and the wealthy. Democrats have made strides to protect the American way of life, but their propensity to acquiesce and compromise with neo-conservatives, although diplomatic, gives the appearance of being weak and lacking conviction in fulfilling their goals.

The recent distraction caused by Representative Anthony Weiner’s dalliance on the social media outlet Twitter has exposed Democrats as easily manipulated sycophants who are distracted by their fallacious sense of moral superiority at a time the country needs a strong unified voice to save America from Republicans and their corporate masters. The episode exposes Democrats’ lack of vision and passion to solve the country’s problems that were evident after the election of Barack Obama when they controlled the House and the Senate, and still could not muster their forces to work for the good of the country and the American people.

Anthony Weiner’s actions were reprehensible and displayed extremely poor judgment, and he will live with the humiliation for the rest of his life, but he did not break the law or House ethics rules. He did break the trust of his wife and family, but the whole episode should end there. However, House Democrats have interjected themselves into Weiner’s family life and have perpetuated an incident well beyond their purview and are losing sight of their promise to work for the American people. They are also teaming up with the likes of Andrew Breitbart to destroy one of their strongest, most passionate voices in the war for the American people’s interests.

During the 1990s, Republicans attempted to assassinate President Clinton’s character over an affair with an intern because he was effective and fostered an environment of job creation and a strong economy while raising taxes. President Clinton’s actions were unacceptable, and Mrs. Clinton had every right to harangue the president or divorce him if she wanted to. It should have been between the president and his wife, but a special prosecutor used prurient questions to expose salacious details to embarrass Clinton. After the country went through impeachment and a trial in the Senate, the president was acquitted and went on to oversee one of the most prosperous periods in recent memory. Now, it’s Democrats who are devouring one of their own over some questionable pictures sent on a social media outlet as if there is no critical legislative business to attend to.

Republicans are attempting to eliminate Medicare and Social Security by privatizing both programs so that in the next market crash workers who paid into the system their entire working lives can lose their retirement savings like millions of private investors did in the 2008 crash. Oil industry magnates the Kochs are paying Supreme Court Justices to give favorable rulings that allow them to destroy unions, eliminate environmental and financial regulations, end affordable health insurance, and privatize public education, and Democrats are fretting over Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account and demanding that he resign. It appears that Democrats are so weak, that instead of fighting Republican policies that are destroying America; they are choosing the easy fight with one of their own.

Democratic representatives Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claim that Rep. Weiner’s Twitter account is a distraction, but they are perpetuating the distraction by keeping the story in the news. Do the Democratic leaders enjoy doing Andrew Breitbart’s dirty work for him? It certainly appears that there is an unholy alliance between Breitbart, Pelosi, and Wasserman-Schultz to derail a unified Democratic front to combat the Republican’s corporatist takeover of America. There have been suggestions that Weiner should resign and then run in the subsequent special election to replace himself, but that is just more distraction from the real work of saving this country. Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz have also demanded that Weiner get help for his Twitter problem suggesting that they are medical professionals instead of Democratic legislators. They are two Democratic leaders, not marriage counselors who have to remind Weiner that his family loves him.

Anthony Weiner used poor judgment and most likely damaged his relationship with his wife; however, the whole incident is between Mr. and Mrs. Weiner and no-one else. If Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz desire to help Andrew Breitbart besmirch their fellow Democrats, maybe it is time for them to consider resigning their seats in the House. If the two Democrats need to pursue malfeasance, why aren’t they investigating Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas for conspiring with the Koch brothers to undo campaign finance laws with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision?

Democrats have enough work to do without spending one more minute chastising Anthony Weiner, and it would have sufficed for Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz to reprimand him, spank him, and curse him in private for sending pictures on Twitter. The Democratic divisiveness and distraction gives the illusion of a weak party that is ill-equipped to fight Republicans for the soul of America, and is reminiscent of the health care debate when Democrats failed to get a public option because they were not united.

Now the Democratic leadership is demanding one of their strongest voices resign instead of closing ranks around an effective representative who used extremely poor judgment. It is little wonder many Americans see the Democratic Party as disorganized, weak, and distracted when they watch the leadership devour one of their strongest voices and a warrior for the American people. It also makes one wonder just how serious the Democratic leadership is about solving America’s real problems; because if they are outraged over some Twitter pictures, they surely are not serious about jobs or the economy any more than Republicans.


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