With 8% Approval Anthony Weiner Is America’s New Most Hated Politician

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It takes a lot to be even less popular than Sarah Palin and Rick Scott, but according to a new PPP survey Rep. Anthony Weiner and his 8% approval rating have done just that.

As if Democrats needed any more ammo in their quest to extract Anthony Weiner from the House of Representatives, PPP found that Weiner’s unfavorable rating has hit 70%. Sixty percent of those surveyed thought Weiner should resign, and only 25% thought he should stay. Weiner’s highest favorability rating was with those who self-identified as very liberal (18%), but even a majority of this group (51%) thought that Weiner should resign. Interestingly, only 34% of those who consider themselves somewhat liberal thought that he should step down.

Weiner’s unfavorability rating is lower with women (69%) than it is with men (72%), but more men (66%) than women (55%) believe that he should resign. One of Rep. Weiner’s rare bases of support is with African Americans. By a margin of 42%-37% African Americans believe that Anthony Weiner should not resign. Weiner is least popular with Hispanics. Sixty seven percent of who think he should leave office. (64% of whites think Weiner needs to go too).

To put these numbers into context, Sarah Palin the long time most hated national politician in America usually carries around a 60% unfavorable rating. New low approval rating champion, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is 21 points more popular than Weiner. Democrats are visions of a 2012 campaign where Anthony Weiner is tied to every candidate, and their shot at taking back the House goes up in smoke.

I have been critical of the Democratic leadership for not being honest about why Weiner has to go. They keep making excuses about family, and what not. An eight freaking percent national approval rating is the real reason why they keep pushing Weiner to resign.

A 2010 poll found that John Edwards’ approval rating was at 15%. Does Anthony Weiner really deserve to be less popular than John Edwards? Probably not, but this is the world that we live in.

Let’s this be a lesson to all male politicians out there. C**k shots will kill your approval ratings. You may think your d**k is awesome, but the American people do not approve of your sharing.

The lies were even worse than the pics. Anthony Weiner could have survived the pics, but being unfaithful to your wife and lying about it to the entire country, on top of the pictures will get you an 8% approval rating.

Anthony Weiner didn’t break any laws, or even have real sex, but he is now the most hated politician in America. Such is life in the scandal and sex obsessed 24 hour cable news cycle.

Rep. Weiner should be a cautionary tale for all men. If you want to be popular and keep your job, keep in your pants, off your camera, and don’t lie.

By following these three simple rules, you too can be more popular than Anthony Weiner.

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