Wearing a Libertarian Disguise The Koch’s Purge American Freedom

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America’s political system has consisted of two primary forces for most of the nation’s history, and on many levels they have served as a foil for each other’s excesses in setting policies that adversely affect citizens or show favoritism to one demographic over another. Although the two parties have dominated the political landscape, there have been attempts to install third parties into the political landscape, but they have failed to catch on because they cling to single, issue-specific platforms that are not embraced by mainstream voters. It is not to say that third parties fail to address legitimate issues, because they do; but they do not consider a bigger picture necessary to garner support and have a significant impact on elections. However, since the 2008 election of Barack Obama, several groups have emerged and are beginning to have a significant, detrimental impact on elections as well as the direction the country is moving and it does not bode well for the government or the people.

Democrats and Republicans both receive millions of dollars from special-interest groups who hope to influence legislation and in many cases, set government policy that favors one specific segment of society. Democratic policies tend to favor the working-class as well as Americans who are disenfranchised because of economic status caused by lack of employment, old age, or infirmity. The Republicans are the polar opposite of Democrats and work tirelessly to give tax dollars and advantages to corporations and the wealthy in the flawed belief that 95% of the population exists to serve elite corporatists and landed gentry who support conservatives. The ascendance of the tea party gives the illusion of a third party, but they are nothing more than a cheap tool the industrialist-class uses to control recalcitrant Republicans and moderate conservatives. Indeed, there is still a two party system, but instead of Democrats and Republicans, there are Democrats and the wealthy corporatists who use front groups like the teabaggers, Republicans, and various other pseudo-patriotic groups who are deluded into thinking they have a voice in setting policy and the direction of the country now and in the future.

In the past 2 years, the Republican Party has been marginalized as a front group for wealthy industrialists in the energy industry and multinational corporations that control most of the wealth in America. If the corporatists have their way, America will be ruled by a few wealthy families that control the government as well as the rest of the population; Republicans included. The Republican Party is now little more than a subordinate to Libertarian-minded Koch brothers who fund subversive groups like teabaggers and the MSM including Fox News. The characterization that the Kochs and their neo-conservative think-tanks hold sway over Republicans is fallacious and absurd because Republicans in Congress and state legislatures have lost their ability to act independently of corporations, and in fact, take their orders directly from the Libertarians.

An examination of Kochs and their associated neo-conservative think-tanks’ mission statement gives a glimpse into why Republicans are passing legislation eliminating social safety nets, regulatory agencies, and limits on power and influence of business on the government. It is more sinister than Republican’s talking point of lower taxes means job creation and a stronger economy, or that controlling spending will make America financially stable. America’s stability, economy, or jobs are not part of the Koch’s libertarian vision for America, and Republicans, whether by ignorance or naiveté, are willing participants in setting a legislative agenda that is transforming America into a privatized corporation controlled by a small group of wealthy, elite industrialists.

In an invitation sent to the wealthiest power-brokers in the country, the Kochs laid out their agenda and policies that Republicans in Congress and state legislatures are expected follow.  The Kochs corporatist philosophy is that free enterprise and prosperity for the wealthy is the reason for America’s existence, and any contrary belief constitutes an attack on their liberty and freedom. The Kochs make no secret of their intention to convince Americans their agenda is necessary to “defend liberty from big-government intrusion.” The more one understands the Kochs vision of America the easier it is to identify the reason Republicans are on a rampage to privatize the government as well as destroy the middle class. In the Koch’s own words, their vision of America is one where there are rich and poor Americans; there is never any mention of a middle class.

The Kochs define what liberty, smaller government and economic efficiency entails and they equate their vision to moral high ground. Their agenda says, “We need a vision of what smaller government means, a vision beyond lower taxes and economic efficiency…a vision of how we can gain the moral high ground and make a new case for liberty that appeals to all Americans, rich and poor.” The Koch’s vision does not include a middle class, and necessitates reinventing what liberty means for Americans. They say that, “without that positive vision, the appeal of liberty is limited.” Part of their goal is re-educating Americans into believing that corporate liberty and freedom is morality and Republicans are doing the dirty work of constantly hammering the American public with the meme, “regulations harm the economy” and “lower taxes for corporations and the wealthy creates jobs” and helps the economy.

Republicans are aware that giving free rein to business does not create jobs and that lower taxes on the wealthy will never help the economy. They are willing participants in the war on real freedom the Founding Fathers intended for the people of this country and are shills for Koch Industries and their libertarian think tanks,  Americans for Prosperity, The Heritage Foundation, and the Cato Institute. The GOP is being used by Kochs to re-educate the American people and it is the reason the Koch Brothers are so invested in destroying public education by replacing them with charter schools. Recently it was revealed that the Kochs donated money to universities with the provision that they stipulate who chairs and teaches their brand of liberty and freedom.

There are two parties in American politics and the Republican Party is only relevant as brand recognition for voters to identify with. Every single policy decision and legislative agenda from Republicans is to promote the Koch’s vision of liberty and freedom at the expense of the American people. The Republican Party has not promoted one piece of legislation that helps the average American worker and in fact, has made it their priority to block Democratic efforts to protect Americans whether it is financial reform, affordable health insurance, environmental regulations, or tax breaks and infrastructure improvements.

The Republicans, teabaggers, and conservative pundits cannot convince Americans that the Koch’s vision and definition of liberty and freedom is beneficial so they attack the government with frightening words like Socialism, Liberals, and black American President. Republicans have learned recently that by an overwhelming majority, Americans do not want their safety nets eliminated so they have decided to hold the economy hostage by not raising the debt ceiling regardless that not doing so will destroy the economy. If the economy is destroyed, industrialists and wealthy corporations benefit like they did during the Great Depression of the 1930s and if it is bad enough, the Kochs and their cohorts will finally have carte blanche to conduct their form of liberty with extreme prejudice and America will consist of the rich and the poor.

The Republican Party’s standing is no different than the teabaggers who are tools of the Koch Brothers and their pro-corporate libertarian policies. The attack on the middle-class, unions, public education and Americans’ social safety nets has one goal and that is to turn America into a two-class country with one political power. If the Kochs are successful in re-branding liberty and freedom, there will be a few rich families and the poor. If rank-and-file Republicans think they are going to be exempt from the libertarian disguised corporatist purging of American freedom, they are sadly mistaken because their guns, bibles, and flags will not save them from unregulated corporatism at the hands of America’s new political power; Koch Industries.

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