Sarah Palin Fans Hack Crivella West to Tweet Palin Propaganda

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Sarah Palin supporters have compromised Crivella West’s Twitter account, and have been using it to post pro-Palin anti-Obama propaganda.

Here is the Crivella West twitter stream today:

CrivellaWest Crivella West Inc.

Even the Washington Post Concedes The E-Mails “Underscore Palin’s Role as a Sincere Budget…
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Crivella West Inc.
CrivellaWest Crivella West Inc.
Daily Mail’s Wonderful Photo Essay On Palin/Trig As Email Witch-hunt Backfires.
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Crivella West Inc.
CrivellaWest Crivella West Inc.
Obama’s Energy Policies to Drive Electriciy Rates up ’40 to 60%’
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Crivella West Inc.
CrivellaWest Crivella West Inc.
Emails: Gov. Palin a Hard-Working Public Servant
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Crivella West Inc.
CrivellaWest Crivella West Inc.
Editor-In-Chief of Reason Magazine: ‘Scrutinize Obama, Not Palin’
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PoliticusUSA contacted Crivella West asking them/potentially warning them about their Twitter account. They replied that didn’t know about the biased tweets; it wasn’t them, and they were checking it out. Since then, MSNBC picked up the PoliticusUSA story and added this statement from Crivella West’s CEO, Art Crivella, “It appears that there is a ‘hole’ in one of the applications (we think Facebook) that links to Twitter. We’ve disabled them and mopped up the bile and changed all the passwords.” Crivella further told MSNBC, “It appears that in this case ‘hacking’ means sending out spam tweets pretending to be us. I think real hackers might be offended.”

Yeah, that sounds like the Palin fans we all know. Here is what the Crivella West twitter stream looked like on June 10, before it was hijacked:

It looks like some Palin supporters, you know the same people who wanted the teenager who hacked Sarah Palin’s email account in 2008 locked up for life, don’t understand the meaning of the word hypocrite.

Anyone who read the Crivella West twitter stream could clearly see there was something odd about it. With the sudden pro-Palin shift in tweets, it was easy to see that this wasn’t on the up and up. To put it mildly, this account sure looks like it was compromised.

Palin and her Conservatives for Palin supporters are known for rigging online polls. Sarah Jones wrote about the Palin fans rigging of a US Election poll,

First ran into the Palin fans from Team Sarah and had to pull the poll altogether after it was freeped. Then Sunday, in a poll entitled, “As 2012 GOP Respond, Who Benefits Most From Huckabee’s Decision Not To Run?” poll poster Jillian Curtin pulled Palin’s name altogether after the poll was freedped for Palin by Conservatives for Palin, with Ms Curtin explaining that they were trying to get general population results, not Palin fan results.

This poll is hardly the Palinistas first go around with freeping polls. They did it for Bristol in Dancing with the Stars to such a degree that the show had to redo their voting system. Team Sarah and C4P apparently operate under the same delusion that if they repeat the lie often enough, it will be true. They also fail to grasp that this sort of behavior is frowned upon by Americans – you know, those people who vote in elections for reals.

Michael Isikoff was on MSNBC’s The Last Word on Friday discussing the email from Sarah Palin herself that confirmed her interest in managing her image and rigging polls.

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Hacking and hijacking would seem to be a step up from the usual Sarah Palin terror cell modus operandi.

When reality does Sarah Palin’s fans wrong they respond by changing it, or in this case compromising a Twitter account to get revenge.

If you happen to be on Twitter and see a lot of pro-Palin Tweets coming from Crivella West, don’t be fooled. It’s not coming from them. It’s just more propaganda being spread by her devoted cult in order to protect their Messiah.

h/t CrystalWolf and Syrin for spotting the Crivella Twitter hacking and alerting us.

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