Gotcha: Sarah Palin’s Emails Confirm She Needs Teleprompter For Interviews

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Close up of Sarah Palin's teleprompter

Palin’s Emails Confirm PoliticusUSA’s Teleprompter Posts

And now, for a little Friday evening levity in the Palin email saga after the dark seriousness of the earlier revelations regarding Palin’s use of these emails to intimidate critics: It’s always nice to have confirmation in writing from the source. As I’ve been explaining for the last year, Palin uses Teleprompters in interviews and as a “contributor” on Fox News. This isn’t a terrible sin, but since she bashes Obama for it every chance she gets, this is just one more example of Palin’s values failure (of which there are too many to enumerate here).

The worst part about Palin’s use of Teleprompters, though, is that she doesn’t even draft her own answers. Everything you hear her say is scripted. The only time she’s unscripted, we get “Paul Revere warning the British” and the Bush Bailout “so important for the healthcare” type answers.

Jason Linkens at HuffPo found this email:

March 19, 2007
Palin’s hostility toward the use of teleprompters didn’t fit within her world back in 2007. When Calgary’s “Energy TV” called up looking to interview Palin, Palin communications aide Meg Stapleton wrote to staff:

Energy TV would like an interview with the Governor and I thought this Wednesday might work – the questions are below . What we need to do is simply book the Governor’s time, provide the answers to the questions below, use the prompter and have her look to the side and answer the questions for use by the TV station. I just need help on the answers . It needs to be very conversationally written . Needs to be on 3:30pm Governor’s feed Wednesday – could record according to Governor ‘s schedule on Wednesday morning and would need answers by tomorrow. Possible?

Palin recalled that she had a “long cabinet meeting” scheduled for the same time they had allotted to shoot her side of the interview. Stapleton replied:

We’re working around that. Joe Balash is crafting the answers right now , Sharon will ask the questions, we will have the answers in a teleprompter, and then send those answers over the satellite tomorrow afternoon . It shouldn’t take long , once we have the answers. Expect them tonight.

Palin replied:
You’re awesome.

You’re all awesome.

I especially love the “I just need help on the answers” from the reporter. Why do they even bother to interview Palin? Why not just have any old puppet read the teleprompter if the answers aren’t even hers?

Since Palin’s emails reveal that she clearly didn’t even know where she stood on some major policies and legislation, it’s obvious that the teleprompter dependency is the only way she can answer serious questions. Since Fox News feeds her questions in advance, we haven’t seen Palin unscripted since “He there riding his horse as he warning the British (paraphrased)” and before that we had “I read any and all of them that have been put in front of me.”

Sarah Palin is not a politician. A politician by nature deals with policy. Sarah Palin is a far right evangelical puppet that can’t articulate serious answers without having someone else do the homework and feed her the answers, which Fox News then feeds to America as if it means anything. Nothing she says on Fox News means anything about Sarah Palin, because these are not Sarah Palin’s words, thoughts or policies any more than her answers on Energy TV were.

This was brought to you by the “gotcha” media, because nothing says “gotcha” like someone’s own emails.

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