Sarah Palin Uses Email Dump To Release Critics Personal Information

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As the media swarms over Sarah Palin’s emails has anyone thought to ask why the personal information of those who wrote emails critical of Palin was not redacted?

Some very ugly things are going to come out of these emails and not against Sarah Palin. Frankly I’m very disturbed by her legal team’s choices in what I’m reading. Sarah Palin and her legal team spent two and half years combing these emails for pages they wanted to withhold and for redactions to protect the privacy of some people. But you want to know whose information they left in?

Any person who wrote to criticize the Governor has their email and phone number out for the Palin cult to attack. Sarah Palin once again used a seeming “attack” on her (aka, a request for transparency) as an opportunity to turn the guns of her internet vigilantes on her detractors. This is an outrageous compromising of those citizen’s privacy and safety.

Yes, they are private citizens, not public officials.

Palin doesn’t seem engaged at all in legislative process, but spends most of her emails forwarding mean and fawning emails about herself to her minions (the purpose of which Frank Bailey exposed in his book to take down detractors) or emails praising her as God’s chosen. She sent emails during the VP campaign requesting information about her own budgets and positions to such an extent that it’s easy to get the idea she had no idea what she passed. It’s also obvious that the state was not engaged in state activity during the VP campaign, but in management of Palin’s image.

I feel sorry for those media members who traipsed to Alaska thinking that they were going to get unfettered information. What we are seeing in these emails is an attempt by Palin and the people who were appointed by her and working for her in Alaska to create a narrative of revenge and the victimization of Sarah Palin.

The people who emailed Palin have all had their names, email addresses, addresses, and in some cases phone numbers made public in this email dump. This is a problem for those who sent her criticism like the email below:

Because this concerned citizen had the nerve to ask what the heck is Todd Palin doing involved in state business, she now finds all of her personal contact information exposed. This means that Palin’s Thugs for Christ Brownshirts are now free to terrorize anyone who ever sent Palin a critical email.

In order to keep the Sarah Palin victimization myth alive, Team Lou Sarah also made sure to include several vile emails such as the one below:

The emailer hopefully got a visit from law enforcement, and maybe some help with his mental health, but does he really need his address published for the entire world to see?

Sarah Palin and company have had two and half years to pour over and edit these emails, yet they chose to release personal information about the people who emailed her to the public.


The answer is that this is Palin’s way of creating a new enemies list, and putting cross hairs on her critics. We have not gone though all 24,000+ pages of emails yet, but from the initial review of thousands of pages, it is clear that there is an agenda of retribution present. Palin is providing her hapless followers with the information needed to track down and harass those who dare criticize their “Dear Leader.”

Once again, Sarah Palin shows a remarkable ability to turn a normal request (freedom of information or open records request in this case) into an opportunity for revenge on citizens whom she feels have wronged her. These emails were so heavily redacted that they tell the same story the upcoming propaganda film tells about Sarah Palin, though not even all of the Palin lawyers could put Sarah the Governor back together again. It’s clear from her emails that Sarah Palin was not governing the state of Alaska; she was a CC on emails between other people who governed for her, with very little guidance, direction or input from Sarah Palin until it came to her myth management.

For those who will argue that this wasn’t Sarah Palin’s email dump consider that the attorneys and state officials that coordinated the release of the emails were either appointed by or worked for Palin. the ADN reports:

Alaska officials tut-tut they are going to withhold 2,415 pages from the public. Why? Those communications are privileged, personal or somehow exempt from Alaska’s disclosure laws. Or so they say… But state officials say there is the right to privacy thing and the attorney-client privilege thing and the “deliberative process” thing. Apparently — and it was a shock to me — there is no public’s right to know thing.

Who made these decisions? It turns out state lawyers and folks in the governor’s office — where some, it turns out, worked for Palin but now work for Gov. Sean Parnell, who was Palin’s lieutenant governor — made the calls on those 2,415 emails. Not an impartial panel of citizens and lawyers, or folks lacking direct or indirect ties to the authors of the emails or any court. Just insiders…

All of that points to this: Alaska’s public records law is not protecting the public’s right to know a thing. It must be fixed. This lengthy, ongoing email sham is the kind of thing that corrodes the public’s trust in government.

If you don’t think that the Palins were involved in the decision making, I have a gas pipeline to nowhere to sell you. To make this decision even more apparent and glaring, one of the reasons cited for withholding over 2,300 of Palin’s emails is “Article 1, Section 22 of Alaska’s constitution: “The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed.”” It seems that this law is only being applied to the former governor and the chosen people whose names and personal information were redacted in the emails. Apparently in Alaska, public officials have the right to privacy but citizens do not. Since some of these email senders are no doubt from outside of Alaska, one wonders if they have a lawsuit on their hands.

Palin fans will come away from these emails enraged about the alleged media harassment (or perceived whines, if you will) and the rather horrid emails she allegedly received from time to time. If getting nasty emails makes one worthy for Office of the President or the cross, she’d better make room for the rest of us.

With this email dump, Sarah Palin shows that she hasn’t lost her taste for cross hairs.

She put a whole bunch of them on her fellow Alaskans.

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