Cue the Accusations of The Media’s KKK Style Lynching of Sarah Palin

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The Emails Are Coming, the Emails Are Coming! Palinistas are so upset over the Palin email dump that they’re calling it a “KKK lynching” and whining about why no one is doing this to Obama. They follow this up with the petulant insistence that her emails are none of our business.

Here is Glenn Beck today via Media Matters comparing the media coverage of the Palin emails to a KKK lynch mob:

Glenn Beck ironically lectured his audience first on how liars and people make things up destroy themselves, he moved on to defending Sarah Palin, “This thing that’s happening with The New York Times and Sarah Palin, I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you? Where they take the emails, and now they’re asking readers to though and find things on her.”

After getting sidetracked with some race baiting, Beck resumed his defense of Palin and compared the media to the KKK, “Why is it that they are so against Sarah Palin? You may not agree with her policies or you know may not want her to be President of the United States, but do you have to ask yourself have you ever seen such a lynch mob that wasn’t wearing a hood, ever? Have you seen one? I’ve never seen such a lynch mob. You might as well just put hoods on every member of the press, and it’s not about the content of character or the color of the skin. It’s about can they move people in a sense of freedom and independent spirit.

Let’s get these objections out of the way so we can carry on with the day. I’m glad the right is bringing up the KKK and lynching. It’s so nice when they admit to their own behaviors via projection (Kenyan no birth certificate not America etc). No one is reading President Obama’s emails because for many reasons, Presidents’ emails are not available until after they have left office and are then presented in the national archives (unless you are George W Bush whose team destroyed emails, computers, and used non-government servers).

One who is even remotely serious about politics will understand the necessity for secrecy around a President’s emails until he has left office. But then, Palin fans are more Twilight-esque with a twist of violent, demented fan rage most akin to “leave Britney alone!’ wails followed by violent threats backed up by various psalms that prove she is being persecuted by us because we hate the “message of Christ”. I kid you not. I know Christ was all for lying to the people in his name, they just left that part out of the bible. If you don’t believe me, check his Wiki page which has been conveniently updated by rabid Palin fans to revise the bible and Christ himself to fit in with their leader’s notions of how he rang that bell of secrecy to warn the anti-Christ.

As for the claim that her emails are none of our business, these emails were requested two and a half years ago when she was running for Vice President. She ran for office as Governor under the mantle of “open and transparent” government but then used Yahoo accounts to conduct government business off of the government servers to get around the state’s public records law. Her emails were our business two and a half years ago as she told us she was ready to lead this country. It’s not our fault that she delayed this process for over two and a half years.

Lastly, for someone who withheld 2,353 pages some for “personal privacy” (which is dubious under the law) and had lawyers combing the emails for redactions that took some two and a half years to complain about the left over scrap emails being shown to the public when she knew the entire time that her emails would be subjected to scrutiny is absurd. She might as well complain about doing her job. Oh, wait.

Lucky for Palin, she is out of office now since she quit before her term was over, claiming she wouldn’t be seeking re-election and didn’t want to be a “lame duck”.

The emails are coming, the emails are coming! Ring those bells, Paul Revere! Let them know that they won’t be taking our freedoms and we will be armed with whatever knowledge the non-transparent former Governor and her team of lawyers deems appropriate, two and half years after she ran for Vice President with an older Presidential candidate. It’s not as if we needed to know anything in order to vote for her, right?

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