Fox News Launches Their Campaign To Recall Wisconsin Democrats

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Fox News jumped into the Wisconsin recall elections today, by hyping the recall elections being faced by three Democratic senators, while never mentioning that six Republicans also face recall.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Steve Doocy said, “Remember the Democratic lawmakers from Wisconsin who ran away from their responsibilities and hid out in hotels in other states during the debates with the unions? Well, three of them are now facing recall elections. They will be held next month.”

Fox is trying to frame the recall as a voter driven effort to punish the Democrats for leaving the state instead of allowing Scott Walker to pass his union busting measure. The truth is that the recall effort is being driven by voter outrage over Walker and Republicans in the state legislature passing the measure in violation of the state’s open meeting law. Walker then tried to implement the measure in violation of judicial order not to.

Then there is the issue of the Republicans alleged fraudulent activities used to obtain signatures for their petitions against Democrats. As Sarah Jones detailed,

Out-of-state circulators Kennedy Enterprises (out of Colorado) came in to collect the signatures because there was no grass roots movement of the people to recall the Democrats. If the name is ringing a bell and it’s not Paul Revere coming to warn the British, it’s because they were investigated in Indiana in 2000 for placing the names of four people who had been dead for quite a long time on a petition…

Then several dead people’s names showed up on the Republicans sheets leading to this charge, “The Republican forgery of dead names on recall petitions represents a new low for Wisconsin. It is voter fraud at its most abhorrent and it must be investigated and explained. In coming days we doubtless will learn more of the Republican plot to use the signatures of dead names, but we said at the outset that their recall efforts were dangerously unethical and dangerously fraudulent. Here now is the fruit of that poisoned tree.”

And lastly, the Republicans got busted systemically misleading voters about what they were signing. One WWII veteran who was tricked by the Republicans called the sheriff’s office once he discovered he’d been duped. He insisted his name be removed from the recall petition against a Democrat, and eventually the Republicans told the sheriff’s office that they’d remove the gentleman’s signature. But later, when their signature sheets were turned in, his name was on the sheet plain as day.

Fox News doesn’t bother to tell their viewers any of this. In the “fair and balanced” world of Fox, Doocy’s headline is what passes for news coverage. In case you folks in Wisconsin didn’t know, all of your protests in Madison were really about being mad at the Democrats. You were so angry that you set a recall effort into motion that has three of them facing recall elections.

What’s that you say? Six Republicans are also facing recall elections? Why that must be the work of George Soros and ACORN. Fox News loves a good fabricated election fraud story when they can implicate the New Black Panthers (both of them) or ACORN, but real Republican election fraud need not be acknowledged.

What Doocy did was kickoff the Fox News involvement in the Wisconsin recall elections. In the past Fox News has not hesitated to get involved in special elections. Remember, that they openly campaigned for Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 contest? The news here isn’t that Fox News ignored reality. They do that on a daily basis. The story is that Fox News is going to slant their coverage to try to get three Democrats recalled from the Wisconsin state senate.

Democrats need to win three seats to take control of the state senate. If Fox News could get a Democrat or two recalled, it would greatly improve the odds of Republicans holding on. Doocy’s headline wasn’t just about biased reporting. It was also about rallying the troops and resources. Wisconsin Republicans are going to have to rely on outside support to hold the Senate, and today Fox News signaled that they are ready to do their part.

In the coming month, Fox News will increase the attacks on the three Wisconsin Democrats facing recall, they will give lots of sympathetic airtime to the Republicans facing recall, and they will continue to try to fire up their viewers to get involved and save the Republicans. Fox News will continue to ignore reality and claim that the recalls are really all about punishing Democrats for running away. This is the Fox News modus operandi.

The Wisconsin protested humiliated Fox News
on its own air numerous times. Now Fox is coming for their payback.

Fox News and the Wisconsin GOP: This is what democracy and journalism doesn’t look like.

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