F- You Gary Cass, And F- Your God

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Some days it’s just too much for this surly old son of Odin to take, these screaming, hysterical, fundamentalist followers of the White Christ (ancient Heathen term) making trouble for everyone, making everyone miserable, spreading an anti-life, soul-destroying, nihilistic gospel everywhere they go. I can understand why tempers got high and the occasional missionary turned up missing, or got tossed out in the snow on his ass. What’s a Heathen to do? I mean they’d come into our neighborhoods, pour out our sacred mead, chop down our sacred trees and basically up-end the world because they didn’t approve of it. It’s not like anyone asked them their opinion. No one is asking it now.

As Radbod, the Heathen king of the Frisians told the missionaries when he got fed up, “I’d rather go to hell with my ancestors than to heaven with a parcel of beggars.”

I feel the same.

Now as I’ve shown here before, ancient attitudes towards same-sex relations were nothing like our own. There was no concept of “homosexual” and how could there be when that’s 19th century pathology? A man was expected to be aggressive, a penetrator. It was behavior, not being born with a penis and two testicles, that made a man a man. A man who penetrated another man was no less a man than a man who penetrated a woman. A man who allowed himself to be penetrated however, was being passive and soft – playing the part of a woman. It was like this in ancient Rome as well.

I just want to be clear here: Christians hate something they themselves created (homosexuality) in order to hate. But then that’s why they call it “the constructed Other” – it’s a construct.

But folks in the polytheistic world did not bring any gods into this matrix of human behavior. No god, after all, had ever told anybody who you were supposed to stick your disco stick (sorry, modern term there) into. That was between you and the recipient and your friends and neighbors, who would think you were a manly stud and Olaf was a girlie man. But at least you wouldn’t have priests coming down on you and making your life worse than it already was. Nobody was going to beat you over the head with a list of divine laws. You’d just have to live with the reality of being called a “mare” and not a man.

But those were cultural, not religious, and cultural mores change; divine laws don’t. It’s safe to say had Heathenism survived uninterrupted rather than being forcefully and violently eradicated by Christianity, attitudes would not be the same today as yesterday, because religion would have played no part in the process.

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (now there is a joke if I’ve ever heard one, given the direction defamation is coming from) is up in arms because of t-shirts. Gary Cass, their president, says Old Navy is in the wrong to sell gay pride shirts in June – June being, you’ll remember – LGBT Pride month by presidential proclamation. The proceeds of these sales go to the anti-bulling It Gets Better Project. But Cass likes that anti-life, soul-destroying, nihilistic gospel so much he is telling gay teens that it doesn’t get better and telling them to “resist temptations.”

Cass says Old Navy is engaging in “a very immoral and very deadly topic” and that Old Navy is promoting a lifestyle that is in “complete rebellion against God.”

“Rather just focusing on giving good products to their customers, they want to use their products now to advocate for a very controversial topic, much less a very immoral and very deadly topic,”

He wants a boycott:

“Unfortunately we have to do the hard work of communicating our outrage, our frustration — and then following that up with some kind of practical expression such as taking your business elsewhere.”

You know what, I’m not gay, but I’ll go out and buy a shirt today just to spite you, you self-loathing nithing (another ancient Heathen term and one I’ve used here before)

A refresher: a nithing is a villain, scoundrel, coward, vile wretch. A nothing could also be a truce-breaker or a traitor. A niðing deed (niðingsverk) is an ill deed, or villainy. A person guilty of this sort of behavior was held in contempt. I think Cass’ behavior qualifies. I certainly hold him in contempt. In fact, contempt is putting it lightly.

You know what, Gary? F- You and F- your God. He ain’t my god. He ain’t the god of a lot of folks. He isn’t even the Jewish god originally since (since they were Canaanites, Baal and Asherah filled that role), let alone the god of Gentiles. He’s a god from NW Arabia whose elitist, misogynist followers waged a campaign of genocide against their polytheist neighbors until nobody could remember where he came from. As some of us Heathens like to say, he’s the “desert god” – not the god of  European folk like me and many of you.

Worship him if you want, but don’t hang your guilt trips and your angst and your soul-destroying attitudes on the rest of us. We know you’re suffering and that misery loves company, but c’mon man! The rest of us are perfectly content for you to keep your suffering to yourself. Please don’t share! You shared it for twenty centuries and look what happened:  genocide, ethnic cleansing, crusades, inquisitions, witch-burnings. We’ve had enough already! As Obama said of the Republicans, you drove the car into the ditch and we’re not letting you have the keys again. Get over it.

I don’t really care what you think; I care even less about what you think your god thinks. He isn’t my god and he’s probably laughing at you right now, or crying (I would be crying if I were a god and I had a worshiper like you).

Here’s the thing:  there are a great many people in this world who are not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, and we’re tired of hearing about your God and how angry he is, or how much he hates this or hates that. We’ve had it up to here already. Keep your God to yourself, don’t pretend to speak for him – gods above and below! there are more prophets alive today than in the entire Old Testament! You remember what they do to false prophets in the Old Testament, don’t you?

Now, be a good lad, keep your tongue behind your teeth, read the NEW Testament for a change, stop your whining and run along; leave us alone while we go about living our lives. Even my Christian friends are getting tired of it.

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