Late Night Snack: David Vitter Says I Will Not Resign

Jun 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Late Night Snack: Memories of David Vitter, “I will not resign.” He believed that he had received forgiveness from God and announced that he not answer questions about his behavior. Lucky for him, his wife gave him cover from the reporters’ questions. “David and I dealt with this privately….It’s been terribly hard for us to have the media following us every day….”

Wouldn’t it be nice if Weiner’s wife could also be shown a modicum of privacy under trying circumstances? She isn’t guilty of anything, and yet today she was a trending topic all day.

….But the GOP has the audacity to demand that Weiner resign. I’m not suggesting that either gentleman’s behavior is appropriate, but a little consistency in values would be nice. Vitter, after all, was having extra-marital sex with prostitutes, which is a wee bit worse than sexting. And Vitter is a family values candidate who placed two calls to the Madam while House roll call votes were in process. Vitter escaped criminal charges due to the statute of limitations and used his campaign money to pay his legal fees for the ethics committee investigation into his actions. In spite of the fact that he had committed an actual crime, the national Republican Party forgave him, afraid that his seat was vulnerable to a Democratic takeover if he stepped down.

These are the family values you can believe in. Isn’t it just a tad difficult to be sanctimonious when one’s values come down to political expediency?

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