Editorial Cartoon: Anthony Weiner Reaches Out to Bill Clinton

Jun 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Rep. Anthony Weiner explained himself and apologized for his conduct to Bill Clinton, who officiated his wedding to wife Huma Abedin, sources familiar with the call said.

Weiner made the call within the past 48 hours. It took place following his emotional press conference Monday in New York City, where he admitted that he had posted a lewd photo of himself to Twitter 10 days earlier, the sources said.

It wasn’t immediately clear what was said on the call, but sources said that the Clintons – who are deeply loyal to Abedin – are distressed by the “sexting” scandal that Weiner immersed his wife in.

Kevin Eason is a freelance editorial cartoonist and illustrator from New Jersey. His brand of satire covers news events in politics, entertainment, sports and much more. Follow him on Facebook.

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