Gone with the Wind: Gov Walker Removes Painting of Poor Children

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Governor Walker ordered the removal of a painting entitled “Wishes in the Wind” from the Governor’s mansion. What did he and his good Christian wife find so offensive? Was it nudity? Was it drugs? No, my fellow Americans. It was that most hated of all evil, entitled thugs – Milwaukee children of varying color meant to remind governors of how their policies impact children.

Obviously, that sort of devil art has to go.

The AFL-CIO reports:

The foundation that runs the Wisconsin governor’s mansion commissioned Lenz and other Wisconsin artists for work to place in the mansion that would remind state leaders of the people they represent. Bice writes:

Lenz said he carefully selected the three children portrayed in “Wishes in the Wind.” The African American girl, featured in a Journal Sentinel column on homelessness, spent three months at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission with her mother. The Hispanic girl is a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. And the boy’s father and brother were killed by a drunken driver in 2009.
“The homeless, central city children and victims of drunk drivers normally do not have a voice in politics,” Lenz explained in an email. “This painting was an opportunity for future governors to look these three children in the eye, and I hope, contemplate how their public policies might affect them and other children like them.”

So, Walker doesn’t want to be reminded of the people he represents, and especially not the children. When faced with the outrage of his desire to remove art that was commissioned for the governor’s mansion, Walker at first said that he and the first lady were redecorating (apparently their tastes lean in the ivory tower direction), but then suddenly Walker found that god he keeps talking about and announced that he is trying to work out an “arrangement” with the Milwaukee Public library. You mean he’s not going to just toss it in the trash? Is he growing up? Maybe he can order the state troopers to trash it an night right before they round up any errant Democrats.

Wisconsin Republicans are now against children as well, so add children to the list of Wisconsin Republicans enemies who stand to take something from the corporations the Republicans owe their careers to.

I can’t think of a clearer way for Walker to give the people of Wisconsin the bird than this. Of all the things he’s done, this one breaks my heart because it shows that underneath everything, he doesn’t even want to be reminded of the people, not even the children. The days of elected officials representing the people in Wisconsin appear to be gone with the wind.


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