Rep. Anthony Weiner Confesses To Weinergate But Won’t Resign

Jun 06 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

In a confessional apology Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted that he sent the Twitter photo of himself, but said that he will not resign. Weiner also took full responsibility for his actions.

Rep. Weiner apologized to his wife and admitted that he engaged in destructive behavior and had online relationships via Twitter, Facebook, and phone with six women, but he contends that he never had a physical relationship with any of them.

Weiner expressed humiliation and shame for his actions. He also pointed out that he never used his government issued phone, Blackberry, or laptop to carry out his cyber activities. Rep. Weiner said that the relationships were instigated by him with women that he met on Facebook.

Weiner accepted responsibility and called his behavior a very destructive thing to do, but this is a very gray area because the Congressman didn’t have physical relationships, and he appears to have kept the relationships separate from his official capacity.

Rep. Weiner might not face much public scorn or backlash, because millions of people engage in this activity every day. Morally, Weiner hurt his wife. The biggest political fallout could be from his lies after the original Twitter photo went public. As usual the cover up was worse than the lie.

If Rep. Weiner would have been honest and come forward with the truth, the situation would have never blown up to such a lingering national story.

Should Rep. Weiner pay a political price it will most likely be for the public lies, not the act. However many other elected officials like David Vitter have been able to survive bigger scandals, and at the end of the day it will be up to voters in his district to decide whether or not they will forgive and reelect Anthony Weiner.

Weiner didn’t have sex outside of his marriage. He didn’t sexually harass anyone. He didn’t break any laws. This is a moral question, and people will have to use their own moral compass if they choose to judge Anthony Weiner.

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