As Walkerville Goes Up, Questions Surround Origin of Walker’s Anti Union Bill

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We Are Wisconsinites are just not going to give up. This weekend, they got permission to create a tent city on the top of State Street near the Capitol named “Walkerville” as further evidence of their displeasure with Governor Walker’s anti-union policies. Last night, tents went up and there were an estimated 250 campers engaged in friendly fun that was compared to the atmosphere of a rock concert. To make matters worse, pesky questions about the origin of Walker’s anti-union legislation won’t go away.

I’m sure Governor Walker thought all of this icky noise would have quieted down from now, and assumed that he could spend the week passing more of his budget proposal from on high without hearing a peep from the people. Instead, he’s going to be faced with the 24/7 presence of protesters. This is what democracy looks like.

Channel 3000 reported:

What’s unique about this protest compared to other demonstrations that have erupted at the Capitol in the last few months is that this is a 24/7 event. Protesters will be camping on the sidewalks around parts of the Capitol Square. For 17 days, the protesters will set up the camp overnight with portable toilets, food tents, hand-washing stations and other amenities, WISC-TV reported.

Protest organizers said that the purpose of the semi-permanent presence is to make their voices heard.
“The average person who might be living in Chippewa Falls or Eau Claire doesn’t hear daily what’s happening in the state budget. We’re here to lead a voice, and create a presence for that,” said organizer David Boetcher. “And honestly, we’re going to be encouraging people in their hometowns to be doing the same thing.”

Patriots take heart, the people of Wisconsin have enough moxie for us all. If this isn’t heartening enough, the state Democrats are already planning for a Walker recall and they have named their annual meeting this weekend the 2011 Recall Convention, no doubt in honor of the six recall elections they have already gotten approved against Wisconsin Republicans. Oh, my, I smell the sweet odor of backlash for the theft of freedom in the air.

Speaking of backlash, questions concerning the origin of Walker’s anti-union legislation aren’t disappearing either. The Journal Sentinel reports:

Others cite the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. The conservative group drafts model legislation on myriad issues and offers it to members for use in state legislatures around the country. The group has received financial support from Koch Industries.
Walker foes note that state Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington), co-chair of the powerful Joint Finance Committee, is Wisconsin chairman of ALEC. And Huebsch previously served as state chair.

Vos said the group was not involved: “There are very few things where I can be definitive about, and that’s one.”

ALEC spokeswoman Raegan Weber denied being any part of Walker’s anti-union bill, but the evil lamestream media printed otherwise last January: “However, in a January interview with The New York Times – before Walker’s proposal was unveiled – Michael Hough, director of ALEC’s commerce task force, said the group was spreading collective-bargaining proposals from state to state.”

Oh, gosh, you don’t say? And then, after ALEC peddled their anti-union, anti-middle class legislation around the country, suddenly Republican governors began to move on the issue in lockstep. I don’t see a big business agenda here, do you? I don’t see the interests of corporations running our elected officials and causing undue harm to the people, do you? Why, certainly what we have here is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Right, Governor Walker?

Backlash and busted sounds good to me. Happy Walkervilles everyone; keep up the fighting spirit.

Photo Credit: Karen Hickey

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