Sarah Palin Uses A Teleprompter to Blast Obama on Fox News Sunday

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Fox Hypes Sarah Palin’s Sunday Talk Show Appearance But She’s Using Teleprompter

Fox News has been hyping Sarah Palin’s appearance on the Fox News Sunday Show, as if she had the guts to do a Sunday panel show like the rest of the candidates will. But of course, Sarah Palin repeated already debunked right wing Pinocchios as fed to her by her teleprompter.

As I wrote in when I first revealed the Sarah Palin teleprompter dependency in December of 2010, “At a Tea Party speech, Ms Palin mocked the President by saying, “This is about the people, and it’s bigger than any one king or queen of a Tea Party, and it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter.” You must fill in the requisite sneer for full effect. The implication is that the President is a moron for using a teleprompter. This is made clear by the Right’s gleeful picking up of this meme and running with it at every turn, especially when they have nothing relevant over which to criticize the President.

…(during an episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska) she was showing us her studio in the house she built next door to her home on Lake Lucille. Sarah and Todd were making a show of how it was just the two of them putting on her little show. And while she made cute and Todd told her her hair was above his pay grade, I saw the evil socialist machine staring me down, clear as day. So clear that I could read the logo. Yes, a teleprompter.”

You can watch her eyes move and her head tilt as she follows the script as it scrolls up and from side to side. Another big giveaway of using a teleprompter is the roll of the eyes when the script suddenly rolls ahead of you or you lose the line for a second, and you can see this repeatedly in her interview today. It takes time to master the art of the teleprompter, and you need to have a good teleprompter operator who is familiar with your speech pattern and can keep the script right at eye level for your entire read.

There’s nothing wrong with using a teleprompter, especially for an hour long news show that has to be timed to the second. But Sarah Palin is presenting herself as a presidential candidate, not a news anchor, and hence our expectations are different. We would like to think that she is capable of answering questions without having the answers fed to her.

Using a teleprompter to answer questions during an interview suggests that this Sunday “interview” might as well be a propaganda film. That’s right, she needed a teleprompter to discuss the economy and yet, she criticized Harvard constitutional lawyer and current President of the United States by saying, “What a President Palin would do…”

Let me tell you what a President Palin told us today: She is for the Ryan plan and she can’t answer questions without the answers being fed to her on a teleprompter.

That is all you need to know about “a President Palin”. All snipe, no solutions.

When Sarah Palin shows up on any other network’s Sunday shows and sits down without a teleprompter with the likes of Rachel Maddow and Charles Krauthammer to seriously engage in a debate about the current political issues of the day, then she can be taken seriously. Right now, she is everything she falsely accuses President Obama of being: Sarah Palin is a Wizard of Oz mirage, with the puppetmasters putting on a big political show for mainstream America. She puts on her far right patriarchal political Barbie costume complete with Anita Bryant hair and then repeats scripted words fed to her by a machine meant to enrage the far right and those gullible to take her seriously.

Unlike President Obama, Sarah Palin can’t discuss policy without a teleprompter. We saw Sarah Palin raw and unscripted in Katie Couric interviews and most recently, explaining to us how Paul Revere rode to warn the British. That is the real Sarah Palin. What you are seeing today is the mythical image of Sarah Palin; the one who can answer serious questions without saying that the Bush bailout was about healthcare reform.

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