Republicans Say Homosexuality and Abortion Destroyed Economy

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You’d think they’d quit making laws about bestiality and do something about these schmucks. I’m talking about conservative political activist Ralph Reed and his Faith and Freedom Coalition and the attendees of its 2011 conference in Washington, D.C., an abomination he originated in June of 2009. On Friday and Saturday a whole slew of what passes for luminaries in God’s Own Party got together to expound on their anti-gospel:

  • Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann;
  • Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour;
  • former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney;
  • Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council;
  • Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan;
  • Speaker of the House John Boehner;
  • former Utah governor Jon Huntsman;
  • Donald Trump;
  • Glenn Beck;
  • former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty;
  • Congressman Ron Paul (Tex.);
  • former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum;
  • Presidential candidate Herman Cain;
  • Newt Gingrich sent a video message rather than attend in person; and,
  • Sarah Palin declined to attend due previous commitment to a shameless orgy of self-promotion.

In the end, Glenn Beck did not attend because his father-in-law was in the hospital.

Now, one would expect a bunch of political hacks to get together and talk about what they’re going to do to fix America’s problems. The Democrats want solution “X” so the Republicans will insist upon solution “Y” or something to that effect.

But the Republicans don’t seem all that interested in America’s problems so they’ve invented a few that better suit their religiously-centered obsessions: what other people do in their own beds. Yes, this was not a political conference but a chance for these Republican hopefuls to shake their money makers, to prostitute themselves before the altar of Christofascism.

FOX News headlined the conference this way: “GOP Candidates Try to Bridge Social-Fiscal Divide” but that’s not really accurate because the divide is not bridgeable. So the real reason to get together was agree with religious conservatives that the “real” problems faced by America are moral, not fiscal.

Who are the real enemies? Well, you have to throw the ultra rich out of contention right away. And the oil companies? Not a chance. Fat-cat CEOs on Wall Street? Are you kidding me? No, not them either. The real enemies of America are (lower your voice and whisper with me): homosexuals.

This premise leads to all sorts of ridiculous assertions, such as that of Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) who claimed a the conference,

“We cannot fix the fiscal until we fix the family.”

You think that’s a little thin on logic? Try this one: the Federal Reserve bank in Richmond, Va. Flew a gay-pride flag beneath the stars and stripes in honor of LGBT Pride Month. The Republican response might not surprise you. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, is calling on the bank to remove the flag, terming its presence “a serious deficiency of judgment by your organization, one not limited to social issues.”

In a letter to Richmond Fed President Jeffrey M. Lacker, Marshall says the homosexual behavior “celebrated” by the bank “undermines the American economy.”

Yes, homosexuality is undermining the American economy.  And now we get to the part about what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms:

Marshall wrote in the letter to Lacker that homosexual behavior is a Class 6 felony in Virginia, referring to the state’s sodomy law. That statute remains on the books despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that declared unconstitutional a Texas law that prohibited private, sexual acts between consenting same-sex adults.

Allen West (R-FL), wasn’t at the Faith and Family Coalition Conference but he got his point across by joining Phyllis Schlafly at Eagle Forum Collegians and extruding a similar gem: that there is a link between gay marriage with the country’s debt and legal abortion:

The term ‘gay marriage’ is an oxymoron. Because marriage is a union and a bond between a man and a woman to do one thing: the furtherance of society by procreation, through creating new life. Have you ever read the book America Alone by Mark Steyn? It’s about demographics. And if we continue with a cycle of debt and punishing our unborn then it just becomes a matter of time before you don’t have society.

Michele Bachmann claimed at the Faith and Family Coalition conference that abortion is “the watershed issue of our time.” Apparently she missed the economic collapse of 2008 and its actual root causes, which were not homosexual orgies and rampant abortionism; and two wars fought in conjunction with tax cuts also seemed to escape her notice.

Mormon John Huntsman pole-danced (metaphorically – don’t panic!) around his anti-abortion record as Utah’s governor, saying,

“I do not believe the Republican Party should focus solely on our economic life to the neglect of our human life.”

He admitted the deficit was a problem but asserted that,

“If Republicans ignore life, the deficit we will face is one that is much more destructive. It will be a deficit of the heart and of the soul.”

I don’t know about Huntsman but I had heart surgery last March and it had nothing to do with Republican morality issues, and if they had their way I wouldn’t have had either the healthcare or its scientific underpinnings to be here talking about him today (which seems to be the point, doesn’t it?).

FOX News again understates when they say, “The Coalition’s two-day conference proved that the religious right still plays a major role in the party’s nominating process.”

It’s more than clear to socially adjusted people (and those with a higher than room-temperature IQ) that ending abortion isn’t going to fix the economy any more than will instituting an interstate anti-sodomy law. This theocratic mumbo-jumbo passing itself off as a political platform is not only an insult to our intelligence as voters but fails to describe a causal relationship between one group’s narrow ideas of morality and the economy.

Since the premise of the Constitution is that we all are equal, that we all have equal rights before the law, that we all have the same rights, we have to assume from the evidence that Republicans and Christian conservatives think the real enemy of America is not marriage equality or women’s reproductive rights but the Constitution itself. These other issues – our constitutional rights – are merely symptoms of  the Constitution, after all.


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