NPR’s Morning Shows Are Bigger than Fox News and Rush Limbaugh

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Here’s why Fox News is always trying to defund NPR. In 2010, Morning Edition and All Things Considered averaged 13 million and 12 million plus listeners each. In 2011 Fox and Friends have an audience of 1.09 million, while Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh’s radio shows are in decline.

Here is the NPR Fall 2010 data:

While the top rated Fox and Friends averages 1.09 million, FNC’s daytime lineup averages 1.085 million. Before anyone on the right grumbles about an apples and oranges comparison, consider that in the spring of 2010 Glenn Beck only had 9 million listeners. Rush Limbaugh, who depending on the market, had 15 million listeners, and Sean Hannity had 14 million listeners.

(I gave Fox and Friends a bit of break and used their current ratings which reflect a 13% increase over 2010).

Today, Limbaugh is now down to 10 million listeners, and Hannity is down to around 9 million. Glenn Beck’s radio ratings dipped 39% at one point. For all the talk of the strength of the right wing media, the point remains that they cater to a relatively small audience. They are loud, but they are not huge. No wonder Fox News and the right wing talkers are so desperate to defund NPR.

They don’t want anyone to find out the truth. Compared to the reach of NPR, Fox News is tiny. Only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can compete with NPR, and they are in grave decline. As affiliates continue to drop Glenn Beck, and the right wing talkers aren’t as popular as they used to be, is it time to ask was conservative talk radio every really as big as we thought?

First was the news that Jon Stewart’s Daily Show is more popular than every single Fox News program except Bill O’Reilly, and now this. It turns out that despite their huffing and puffing, the right wing media is just like the Tea Party, overestimated, overblown, and overrated.

Jon Stewart and NPR are bigger than Fox News and most right wing media.

HT: GottaLaff’s Amazing Tweet, but here is a link to her website.

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