Late Night Nightmare: Sarah Palin Calls President Obama a Liar

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Here’s a Late Night Nightmare: Sarah Palin Calls President Obama and Nancy Pelosi liars, and says the Republicans are trying to “save” Medicare while the Democrats are killing it. Ms Palin called the President a liar. This woman, who has told the truth less often than she has told lies, this person who lies about the weather in her own book, this serial liar, has called the President a liar on national TV.

With the unmitigated confidence of a junkie hopped up on narcissism being mainlined to her via the cameras following her on her “educational tour”, Ms Palin wades into the deep waters of sin by slandering two people with an empirical untruth. On Hannity, Palin calls Obama a liar over her claim that he said, “those who need that safety net would be left on their own if the Republicans have their way”. President Obama told the truth that the Ryan plan would raise the amount of money for seniors today by thousands a year.

Here she is, and bear in mind that as she happily tosses her accusation of “liar”, she knows that she is responsible for the deaths of over 250 people who died under her mismanaged Medicaid program. Let me ask you something – if the feds had to come and shut down your Medicaid program, and you were the only governor to have suffered that indignity, and your mismanagement led to over 250 people dying while waiting for care, would you have the moral or ethical ability to sit on national TV and accuse others of lying about Medicare? Do you spy even a moment of shame in her:

Here’s an analysis of Ryan’s plan from The Economist:

“Starting in 2022, Medicare beneficiaries would receive a voucher to pay for private insurance. In the first year of the plan, a beneficiary would pay 61 cents for services that he would have paid 27 cents for under traditional Medicare, while the government contribution is unchanged: 39 cents. Why are they, in combination, paying more for the same services? Because private plans cost more than traditional Medicare. Thereafter, the value of the voucher grows more slowly than health care costs so by 2030 the government is paying just 32 cents while the beneficiary is paying 68 cents for that same set of services.”

And as for her claim that we have to manage the debt, the debt rises under Ryan’s plan during the first ten years:

That’s after the debt actually rises, above its projected levels under current law, during the first 10 years of Ryan’s plan. Under current law, the CBO projects the debt to balloon to 67 percent of GDP by 2022; under Ryan’s plan, the CBO expects it to rise to 70 percent. But the private share of health-care spending would nearly double by 2030.

Maybe Ms Palin would be well served by using the internet to look at the President’s healthcare plan and how it lowers costs for the people and compare that to the rising costs to the people of privatizing Medicare. If she can’t understand this, maybe someone can help her understand the difference between a social safety net and something that is will be too expensive for many seniors to afford, in effect, killing the concept of Medicare. Perhaps Ms Palin can explain to us all why is Medicaid is being dismantled in Republican governors’ states? Why disabled people are being left without care, as if this were not a civilized society? Ms Palin just called the President of the United States a liar when she is demonstrably lying herself. The Republicans are not trying to save Medicare. This is a fact.

The Republicans have been trying to privatize Medicare ever since LBJ, it is only now that they have come out and admitted it, having been forced into walking their talk by the Tea Party extremists who sent many of them to DC in 2010. I’d give her the benefit of the doubt if she hadn’t “death paneled” our healthcare debate for over a year, holding it hostage to her scurrilous lies that earned her the infamy of “liar of the year” from Politifact. But she did. Then she Blood Libeled. And now this.

This woman has no decency. Ms Palin is a shame on our country. She runs around playing catch my bus with the media, only to show up on TV and say horrid, awful things like this. This woman says she might run for President… And this is how she behaves.

There really are no other words. She is too ignorant to know how dumb she sounds, too arrogant to imagine that anyone would ever call her on her inaccuracies and her past, and too bitter over losing in 2008 to fact-check herself. The mainstream media won’t fact-check her and she’s too much of a coward to face a real interview, so we’re left with the unilateral bunker of fear videos from the empirical Mama, meant to terrorize a certain segment of the population.

Meanwhile, the rest of us just try to hang on one more day, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. If I were a Republican, I would be unable to remain in my party after this. This is now a party utterly devoid of dignity that it is represented by an unchecked, vitriolic, malicious, spiteful Sarah Palin. And in the background, fairly decent men like John Hunstman go unnoticed. The modern day GOP is now represented most loudly by a racist, hate-filled, angry liar.

Sarah Palin: The National Nightmare that won’t end.

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