Maher on Palin: “Anybody Can Be President In This Dumb F**king Country”

Jun 05 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Returning to his role as host of Real Time with Bill Maher this past Friday nite after a brief Hiatus, comedian Bill Maher was in full form and didn’t seem to miss a beat in wonderfully thrashing Sarah “Snow White trash” Palin. From her flagrant religious pandering (or ‘Religious Carpetbagging’ as Bill aptly called it) , to her breathtakingly and phenomenally moronic comments regarding rudimentary American History–Bill showed that ignorance can be worn with just as much pride as an American Flag pin.

“She should not be on vacation, she should be in summer school,” he said. “I mean, Paul Revere was warning the British? About gun control? And Washington, apparently, was crossing the Delaware to bomb an abortion clinic.”

Maher then tragically encapsulated the  abysmal state of our democratic system and highlighted how someone as impossibly ignorant as Sarah Palin can be such potent force in an otherwise historically serious system.

“I think anybody could be president in this dumb fucking country.”

Bravo! All it takes is one small gander at the current crop of 2012 Republican candidates and voila–dumb is more American than Toby Keith’s asskicking boots. I hardly think anybody could take comfort in this  notion, but epiphanies like Bill’s could having lasting power. In other wards, it may just compel the electorate to disprove the notion that we live in a “dumb fucking country” and actually demand more substance in presidential elections. Who knows–maybe even make a rational decision based on rational criteria. Well, that’s assuming Dancing with the Stars isn’t on.

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