Sarah Palin Issues Tea Party Blackmail Threat to the GOP

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Fresh off of her family vacation turned educational tour, Sarah Palin slams the GOP and issues round one of her warning “bell” on Fox’s Hannity.

The GOP doesn’t want Sarah Palin to run, and not just because her negatives are so large, but because she isn’t reliable and they know this. It’s not that they are against running a puppet, but a person who is as erratic as Palin can’t be controlled and hence, she’s not going to be their choice.

Given that, Palin and the establishment Republicans have been playing cat and mouse since Palin put the nail in the 2008 campaign coffin for McCain. The GOP has oodles of opposition research on her, but she has the Tea Party and as she proved in the 2010 elections, the Tea Party will do as she says. Remember how sister Sarah cost the GOP the Senate in 2010, running a Tea Party candidate against an establishment Republican? She’s threatening to do the same thing again, but this time, in the Presidential election.

Listen here (it’s a long clip- she starts this around the 4:45 mark):

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After working her way through some rather petty snipes at MSNBC, Palin really gets wound up discussing Donald Trump’s possible candidacy. She tells Sean that while she would not have suggested a third party a year ago, the GOP hasn’t gotten its act together and so now, it’s Tea Party time.

“…If they’re not careful in the GOP there will be a third party rise up,” Palin said “just like back in the day when the Whigs finally went away and the Republicans rose up, that’s what the GOP should be fearing today- is that the electorate will get fed up with business as usual in the GOP and a third party will rise up. Not that I want to see that, because I still have belief strongly that the GOP planks are best for our country, but the machine that runs the GOP has got to be very careful.” She ends with a menacing tone that suggests she’s not just lobbing talking points tonight; she means business. She’s tired of being laughed at and not taken seriously by the GOP.

Hannity asks, but wouldn’t that split the vote? (Why, yes, captain obvious, it would ruin the GOP’s already slim chances for 2012. It would be disastrous. Humiliating. Devastating. Why do you ask?)

Palin explains that the Republicans have failed to tell Americans that it is the Democrats fault that there is no budget (reality check: the Republicans have been obstructing the House and or the Senate for the last two years), and then she gears up into high alert mode to explain that the Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCares but now they aren’t doing it. (Reality check: Palin either doesn’t understand that the House can not repeal ObamaCares and this was NEVER going to happen, or she’s pushing a false flag to rile up the base and give her cover for her firing shot.)

For these sins, the GOP might pay with a third party (Tea Party “common sense conservative”) candidate. Palin ominously warns, “This is another opportunity to invite a third party in and if they don’t want to see that, they’d better get their stuff together.”

She ended this segment by suggesting that “we have a choice here” and “we don’t need to settle for socialist programs”, which I guess could be her way of saying she wants competition against herself, since she’s the most socialist-oriented governor we’ve had. She puts Obama to shame as a socialist, which is kind of appropriate since he’s not, in fact, a socialist. It’s just too bad that her socialism doesn’t make up for her disliking of work and her frightening failure to grasp equally both basic ethics and laws, or she might be able to snag some independents who could get behind someone who taxed the oil companies and gave the money to the people.

Palin is banking on the power of the 2010 Tea Party, but it’s not clear that they are still the roaring minority they were then, and to make matters worse for her, the American people have gotten a look at how the Tea Party candidates are performing in the House and it’s not pretty. Polls show that the approval of the Tea Party has plummeted since the Americans have gotten to know them better. Palin does have the Huckabee evangelical voters in her back pocket, though it appears that the Tea Party and the evangelicals have a large crossover. That said, any third party candidacy would be an epic disaster for the GOP in 2012.

Watch out, GOP. You’ve been warned. Back off the Palin or she’s going to encourage The Donald to run third party and split your votes right in half. That is, if she doesn’t do it herself. Sadly, she has this power because you gave it to her. Well done.

*Note: I am not predicting a third party run for Sarah Palin. I don’t believe Palin could handle the appearance of being unwanted on that level. If anything, she is using this threat to force acceptance of her candidacy from the establishment GOP, while maintaining her “outsider” status to the Tea Party. It’s how she rolls. Trump is the stand-in for herself in this threat, since she hasn’t declared. No one but Sarah Palin knows if she’s going to run.

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