Nikki Haley Protects The Sanctity Of Life by Denying SC Health Care

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Throughout the course of America’s history, the government has represented many things to its citizens depending on which party controls the administration and the policies proffered to guide the country. Abraham Lincoln referred to the “government of the people, by the people, for the people” in the Gettysburg Address, and although America’s government has drifted wildly away from that paradigm in the past four months, it is a noble concept  our leaders should strive for. The current Republican philosophy is government for the benefit of corporations and free-market suppression of working Americans, and if allowed to continue will eventually change America into a business, and its citizens into slaves and murder victims.

Regardless of the precise definition one uses for the government, it has a responsibility to protect the welfare of its citizens, and the Founding Fathers eloquently stated as much in the Thomas Jefferson penned Declaration of Independence. Jefferson wrote that people were endowed with, “certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” In states with newly elected Republican governors and legislatures, those unalienable rights are being eliminated so the Republicans’ corporate masters can continue reaping obscene profits from working Americans’ tax dollars without recompense.

Although states like Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan are at the forefront in the war on Americans, South Carolina’s new tea-bagging governor and Sarah Palin protégé, Nikki Haley, epitomizes the vile Republican sponsored hatred toward American people rampant in this country. Two weeks ago Haley commented that, “we do not want a Massachusetts health care plan in South Carolina” in reference to former governor Mitt Romney’s mandate that all residents have adequate and affordable health insurance coverage. On its face, it appears that Haley is speaking about individual state’s health coverage, but her disregard for people’s lives and their health is prescient and intended for all Americans.

Haley, like all Republicans, believes that Americans are unworthy of decent health care regardless of age or socio-economic status; except for the very wealthy. She opposes the Affordable Health Act that provides a means for the great majority of Americans to procure health insurance and supports the Heritage Foundation’s Pathway to Prosperity that eliminates Medicare for the nation’s seniors and the poor. Nikki Haley agrees with her Republican cohorts in other states and Congress that the people of her state and indeed, all Americans, need to die. She is on course to ensuring that South Carolinians remain some of the sickest people in America.

Governor Haley rejects any plan like the one in Massachusetts that covers 99% of its residents who are the healthiest citizens in the entire country, and where Massachusetts is number one in the nation for quality of life and health, South Carolina ranks near the bottom and Haley is desperately aiming to make it the deadliest state in the nation. One has to wonder what the people of her state who are sick and dying think of their leader who is unapologetic about wishing her state’s residents die because of no health care. Haley also opposes funding for Planned Parenthood that provides cancer screening and contraceptives for low-income residents in the state.

The social conservatives like Haley are doing their part in the drive to kill off Americans, and their claim of protecting the “sanctity of life” is a diversion to trick ignorant Americans into becoming accomplices to murder. Republicans are using bible-inspired rhetoric to kill American women’s ability to use contraceptives so they will produce more children, and yet the minute the fetus leaves the womb and becomes a human baby, Republicans abandon the children to poverty so they will starve to death or die from childhood diseases. The Republican’s fallacious sanctity of life meme only applies to a fetus regardless that it is forced to grow and develop in a sick, unhealthy mother with no means of pre-natal care or assistance after the child breathes air.

The Republican killing machine is indiscriminate and their elimination of Medicare and Medicaid will serve to kill off seniors as well as low-income Americans. The middle-class does not escape the killers in the Republican Party because around the country in Republican controlled states, as more anti-worker laws are enacted, the once vibrant middle-class will be relegated to the ranks of the poor who are incapable of affording the most basic health care coverage and will die just like the poor and elderly. There is only one group who are exempt from the Republicans death machine and it is the very wealthiest Americans who benefit from Republican policies of low taxes and special privileges.

In Congress, Republicans are making every attempt to deprive all Americans of their unalienable rights, and the pursuit of liberty and happiness is the least of Americans’ concern. It is impossible to aspire to happiness when people are dying because of no health care, and our liberties are being stolen by Republicans who ignore the will of the people to please their corporate masters. The Republican goal of changing the government into a private business means Americans will pay to drive on roads or attend schools regardless that it is their tax dollars that built the roads and schools. The government that Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers created is all but dead just like its residents under Republican rule.

Americans are in trouble. Not the country; it will survive, but it will never again resemble the America of just a decade ago. The government will also survive but it is quickly becoming a government of the corporate world, by the corporate world, and for the corporate world if Republicans continue their tragic course. Americans’ only pursuit will soon be survival, and even that is becoming tenuous for more Americans who are living in abject poverty at the hands of Republicans in Congress and many states. The American peoples’ only recourse is the ballot box, but Republican-sponsored voter suppression laws are eliminating the opportunity to reject the murderous policies Republicans are enacting.

The common denominator of death and destruction is the Republican Party and their bible-inspired, socially conservative policies that promote death over life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For the people of South Carolina who suffer under the Draconian policies of Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint, there is little hope of living, much less prospering. The Founding Fathers would be sickened at the vile disregard and contempt Republicans are demonstrating for the people they govern.

It is a shame that the poor, unhealthy residents of South Carolina do not get to hear their governor say that she wants them to stay sick and eventually die prematurely. Instead they watch Fox News and hear right-wing pundits warn them of the Democrats and Black President’s plan to create a Sharia Law-governed Muslim country that aims to deprive them of their guns, god, and gold. One must wonder though, if the young sick mother or elderly person who is dying of cancer still believes that Republicans are fit to control the government.

Apparently, as long as murderers like Nikki Haley wrap themselves in the flag and hold a cross in one hand and a bible in the other, then dying of a treatable malady in South Carolina with god and country supersedes the Founding Fathers’ promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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