Glenn Beck Claims Coldplay Is Trying To Destroy Israel

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The band Coldplay is the newest addition to Glenn Beck’s enemies list for posting a pro-Palestinian rights video on their Facebook page.

Here is the video from Fox, (Notice the HuffPo banner ad by Beck’s name):

Here’s a transcript from Fox News:

This morning, I woke up and I thought to myself, gee, I haven’t seen any good propaganda lately. But thankfully, somebody on my research staff forward me this last night.

It is a — it is a new song that is out. It’s a song called “Freedom for Palestine.” And it calls for the West Bank security barrier to be toppled. It calls for human rights and justice for all. It is quite an amazing piece of propaganda. Truly, truly amazing.

Its official release is in early July, but they’re getting a nice head start now, thanks to churches here in the U.S. Yes, churches are playing this song, a gospel choir helped make it, and they are being asked to play it all over the world.

The biggest boost for this, however, came when the massively popular rock band, Coldplay, posted it on their Facebook page. You are going to start to see this song pop up everywhere — and make no mistake, it is propaganda.

Good and evil, the lines are being blurred again.

The posting received over 5,000 likes and quite honestly, I hesitated to even tell you about this tonight on the show because I don’t want to give it any more attention than is necessary. But it is important that we all know all sides and we look evil in the eye.

I don’t know if any of these people understand what they’re doing. I don’t know if they really understand what it means to destroy Israel. I don’t know if they’ve done their work on history and realize that in many cases, they’re being used as useful idiots. I don’t know what their motivations are.

I know it is produced by One World — not to be confused with Van Jones and the unions here in the country that cry for One Nation. This is different. They have made this because of the human rights abuse and living and crushing poverty in refugee camps and under Israeli occupation.

Before you know it, Israeli occupation will be standard fare. Everyone will just see it as they’re occupying that land. That is a lie.

How did One World react to Beck’s rant?

They smartly posted it on YouTube and used it to sell the song:

According to Glenn Beck, Coldplay is evil because they used their right to free speech to post this video:

Glenn Beck’s rant is an example of what is wrong with the American debate on Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Supporting one side or the other does not make anyone an evil propagandist. People have the right to support one side or no side in this debate. According to the right, any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic and an expression of a desire to see Israel destroyed.

Coldplay was not advocating for the destruction of Israel. In fact, the video is about peace. Sure it is pro-Palestinian, but Coldplay has just as much right to post the video on their Facebook page as Glenn Beck has use his radio and television shows to promote his pro-Israel position.

The true evil here can’t be found in either position. The view is that some forms of free speech are bad and should not be heard is the real evil. The position that some opinions must be censored because they disagree with others is the real problem. The “Freedom For Palestine” video is actually a standard fare social advocacy song. It is not propaganda. It is an opinion.

“Freedom for Palestine” isn’t hate speech. The song isn’t a threat to Israel or its existence. Glenn Beck’s disagreement with the opinion expressed makes the song neither evil nor propaganda. By labeling the song and Coldplay evil propaganda/propagandists, Beck is stealthily advocating for the suppression of free speech.

For someone who claims to defend and love freedom, Glenn Beck spends an awful lot of time trying to take it away from others.

Hypocrisy is not only the house that Glenn Beck built. It is also where he chooses to live.

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