31% of Sarah Palin Supporters Believe the Rapture is Coming Soon

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A new PPP survey released today revealed that 31% of the GOP primary voters who support Sarah Palin believe that the rapture is coming in their lifetime.

The latest PPP national GOP survey revealed something very interesting beyond the horse race numbers. PPP asked about the rapture. While only 18% of GOP primary voters believed that the rapture was coming in their lifetime, 72% of them think that are going to be raptured. For the record, only 19% believe that Obama is going to be raptured. Overall, 51% of GOP primary voters think that Sarah Palin will be raptured. Only 13% think she won’t.

The rapture question provides some insight into who these Republican primary voters are. Mitt Romney had a 30% unfavorable rating in the poll, and 51% of that group believed that the rapture was going to occur on May 21. Michele Bachmann was supported by 9% of GOP primary voters, but 35% of her supporters thought the rapture was coming on May 21, which is nearly double their second favorite May 21 rapture candidate Sarah Palin’s 17%.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, 65% of those who believe that she will be raptured thought the rapture was coming on May 21. Almost three fourths (74%) of those who have a favorable view of Sarah Palin believe that the rapture is coming in their lifetime. A whopping 31% of those who believe that the rapture is coming in their lifetime support Sarah Palin for the 2012 nomination. This is almost double the amount of support (16%) that Romney has among rapture believers.

While Bachmann supporters are the most likely to fall for the Harold Camping rapture stuff, Sarah Palin’s supporters are more in the hard core evangelical and dominionist camps. All of this is not very good news for establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, as the hard right evangelical/fundamentalist/dominionist base of the party will make up a considerable sum of the GOP primary electorate.

Those who believe that the Republican Party would never nominate a candidate like Sarah Palin need to take a long look at this data. Palin is not only tied with Romney in the polls, but she is becoming the choice of primary voters on the religious right. This is how Palin can run close to Romney in Iowa, where 36% of Republicans still don’t believe that Obama was born in the US.

Sarah Palin believes that she is Queen Esther and it is God’s will that she be president. All of this might sound a bit crazy to you and me, but to the 31% of people that both believe the rapture is coming in their lifetime and support Palin in 2012, this makes perfect sense.

The GOP primary electorate is disgruntled, unhappy, and in no mood to nominate Mitt Romney. They are primed for a Sarah Palin charm offensive. If GOP primary voters decide to go down with guns blazing in 2012 don’t be surprised if their Obama hate wins out over common sense and they nominate Sarah Palin.

With the rapture right around the corner, Republicans might as well live for today. Right?

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