The Provocateur Behind WeinerGate Terrified He Will Be Exposed

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Republican National Committee Darling Andrew Breitbart

You know that guy who sent Andrew the should-be-in-chains Breitbart alleged screengrabs of Representative Anthony Weiner’s twitter account with the bulging apparatus? Well, this won’t surprise you much if you’ve been paying even the remotest of attention, but this guy is paranoid and refuses to speak to Breitbart on the phone. He’s afraid of being exposed and having secret recordings add to the legal trouble his already-recorded conversations are giving him. I kid you not.

He’s scared of a recorded conversation being used against him by – get this – his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend who are working together to bring him down and causing him “trouble” at work. And if the ex-es don’t get him, he’s sure the Clintons will. His twitter profile tells us that he is fighting “Obamacare, socialism, sharia.” Ah, yes, the three evils of the right wing imagination. This guy isn’t well.

This guy’s twitter handle is “Patriotusa76″. Yeah, I know. Orwell, etc. RealityTraitor76 is more fitting. But at any rate, this guy who calls himself “Dan Wolfe” was tweeting in advance of the photos that Weiner might have a photo scandal take him down. And then when he got Breitbart to take the bait (as if that were ever hard, oh dear, it’s difficult to avoid the puns), he ran away and hid in fear.

Bretibart wanted to talk to “Patriot” in order to figure out how they could exploit WeinerGate, but “Patriot” was busy with “personal problems” which apparently involve an ex-wife and ex-girlfriend who may or may not ruin his work situation. “Patriot” also dodged Breitbart when Andrew wanted to talk to him after allegations of hacking Weiner’s twitter account dominated the WeinerGate narrative. No such luck.

Wanna know what he’s so worried about? Well, it seems his exes secretly recorded him and these tapes are going to get him in a lot of trouble. Gee, what’s that about, “Patriot”? Maybe his family values are as real as Weiner gate.

The Smoking Gun reports:

He also noted that, “I am having major personal problems right now getting worse by the minute.” In a subsequent May 30 e-mail, Wolfe expounded on these troubles, explaining why he wanted to avoid speaking with his Twitter cronies. “I have ALOT of personal problems I didn’t want to go into–but as I become the focus of this I am more and more afraid this will all come out.”

Wolfe then went on to state that his ex-wife was suing him for custody of their two children and “for lots of other stuff right now. Her attorneys are after everything I own.” Additionally, he reported that, “I have an ex girlfriend who has mental problems causing issues for me at work. My business is suffering as a result.”

Explaining his hesitation to speak on the telephone, Wolfe wrote that his ex-wife (working in conjunction with a former girlfriend of his) had twice secretly recorded him and that the resulting tapes had “gotten me in a lot of legal trouble.” As a result, he contended that if his ex-wife’s attorney “got a hold of a call recorded with me on it they’d have a field day with that. I want to try to avoid.”

So, he’s in legal trouble over secretly recorded phone conversations involving an ex-wife and ex-girlfriend and these legal troubles are impacting his work. Patriotusa76 is clearly incapable of seeing the irony of his own cowardice. This is a classic case of a very sick, desperate right-winger who is already in legal trouble for who knows what trying to bring down a political figure using less than ethical means; aka, your basic modern day right winger. Reagan would be proud.

As tired as I am of the Breitbarts and O’Keefes of the Republican Clown Show, I have to say I’m fascinated by “patriot’s” obsession with the Clintons. See what happens when you buy into the lies of the paranoid right wing culture? Proof that right wing media isn’t healthy:

Other Wolfe e-mails reveal that, despite a torrent of unrelenting Twitter vitriol directed at the New York congressman, he claimed to be “a little worried when it comes to Weiner.” In a May 25 e-mail, Wolfe cited the Democratic pol’s “Clinton connections–they have people everywhere.” Weiner’s wife is Huma Abedin, who has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton for more than a decade. Weiner and Abedin (pictured at right) were married last July in a ceremony presided over by former President Bill Clinton.

Wolfe concluded the May 25 correspondence by noting, “I know I sound paranoid.”

Listen up, righties. I’m compelled to try to help you all before you jump off a cliff. You are not being told the truth by Fox News and the back up singers. The reason they tell you the main steam media lies is because they want to be your only source of information. When you get your information from only one source (or a bunch of sources playing together in a band of lies), you’re getting opinions and propaganda, not intelligence. If you do this for too long, you end up super angry and paranoid, and you might just find yourself involved in legal troubles due to your patriotic attempts to destroy good people all because you believe that Sharia law is really a threat to America. Also, socialism is not evil and it’s not coming to get you. Really. You are not political warriors, but rather cult monkeys being used by the upper tier to distract from their failed platform.

The only reason people resort to such sleaze is because they have no platform to sell the voters, so they have to distract with Breitbarted set-ups. There is zero reason to give Breitbart the benefit of the doubt, and clearly his source is a tin foil hat-wearing, wife and girlfriend family values hypocrite with legal trouble abrewin’ weakling of a “Ronald Reagan conservative” who harasses people under the guise of patriotism and out of fear of boogeymen who do not exist. If the Clintons were really out killing people, don’t you think they would have taken Newt Gingrich out by now?

There is every reason to give Anthony Weiner the benefit of the doubt, and in fact, an apology to his new bride is in order. Can you imagine what you would do if some sad sicko went to all of this trouble to set you up and then ran away like a coward when he was accused of hacking you – all the while, putting your new marriage in jeopardy? And for the final insult, the media bought into Breitbart AGAIN?


ACORN, NPR, Sherrod, and Planned Parenthood ringing any bells, people? Wake the hell up, media. Andrew Breitbart has the ethics of Karl Rove, the brain of Glenn Beck and the media dependency of Sarah Palin. Get over him before he destroys the lot of you. It looks like WeinerGate might come to mean something much different than Breitbart had hopped; it may portend of the beginning of the end of the arrogant dogs running the modern day Republican Party using their propaganda hit men to destroy the process of democracy.

Image: AP/Salon

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