Weiner Regrets Being Stiff With Reporters

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After not doing himself any favors with reporters yesterday, Rep. Anthony Weiner tried a joke today when he said that he regretted being “stiff” with reporters yesterday.

Yesterday Rep. Weiner tried not answering questions about the photo that may or may not have been sent from his Twitter account, and that didn’t go so well for him:

Today, Rep. Weiner wised up a bit and tried some humor.

According to NBC’s First Read:

He joked that comedian Jon Stewart may have been right, referring to the fact that Stewart joked it couldn’t have been him due to its size.

Weiner tried to deflect questions with jokes. He said, in one attempt at humor, that he regrets being a little bit “stiff” yesterday with reporters.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Luke Russert, Weiner said that he couldn’t say with certainty that the picture wasn’t him:

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Weiner later told reporters that he thinks the picture might have been manipulated, and that he definitely did not send it. The problem that Weiner faces is that when any celebrity tweets out something that they shouldn’t have, they all claim that their Twitter account was hacked. However, most don’t go to the trouble of hiring an Internet security firm to investigate.

Rep. Weiner has also said that he understands the media coverage and he thinks the questions are fair, which doesn’t sound like the statements of guilty member of Congress who is trying to cover something up.

I don’t know if he actually sent the picture or not, but humor is definitely a better way to deal with this than refusing to answer questions. Not answering questions makes a person look guilty. The best thing that Rep. Weiner could do is be honest, and try to keep his sense of humor. By political and sex scandal standards this is pretty mild stuff.

With a last name like Weiner the prank seems a bit too obvious, but if he keeps making jokes the coverage will soften up quickly.

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