Americans Rejoice As Sarah Palin Doesn’t Come To Their Town

May 31 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Where’s Waldo? Where isn’t Sarah Palin.

The story isn’t where is Sarah, the story is where isn’t Sarah, and how happy are you that she’s not in your town.

Much of America is going on with their daily lives, even as CNN and others try to package Palin as a viable candidate. They will sell her to America, have no fear. You thought it couldn’t happen here, but it is. For proof of this, I give you the reports that Sarah Palin claimed she “cleaned up ethics in Alaska” . Any reading person knows this is factually inaccurate, and Palin admitted it in her own words just seconds later, by saying she quit over all of the “frivolous ethics complaints.”

But this was reported and left hanging in the air like low hanging fruit, ripe to be picked by real Americans who are too busy with their lives to read and hence, easily fooled. I thought Palin looked quite nice in that video. If I didn’t know what she really stood for, I can see myself liking her. Gosh, today she announced that she’s against energy subsidies! Did anyone think to ask her about AGIA? Noooo, I guess not. Maybe someone can start by asking her to define subsidy. Last I knew, she was all for subsidies for the oil and gas industry. But wait, is she going to run on killing ethanol subsidies before Iowa? Maybe no one will ask. Strike that. Even if she is asked, she will not answer in a comprehensive manner (this is Sarah’s oldest trick – just try to pin Waldo down!).

This obviously isn’t good for the country, but it’s quite good for the media, who stand to make millions if they can force an Obama v Palin 2012.

If the media want to go on this clown tour, fine.

But the majority of Americans don’t want to get taken on that ride. They are sick and tired, and I mean sick and bloody tired, of having this woman shoved in their faces every single day. She’s Britney’ed herself with the Blood Libel video, but the media will not give it up.

Meanwhile, Americans’ lives are going on, all the better because Sarah Palin’s media publicity tour didn’t roll through their town. They’re gardening, reading, working, spending time with their children (cough) – lot’s of things to do other than get “reeducated” by Sarah Palin about why you should love her, pay her, and vote for her if she does you the favor of running to restore this country from the black man who stole 2008 from her.

Post your story in the comment section and tell us why you’re happy that Palin isn’t in your town. Maybe we can create a safe area zone, to be used as a Palin sighting alert app. Make sure you don’t get taken in by a red herring, just because you see a big bus with a woman’s name all over it and the word “freedom!” being repeated logorrhea style doesn’t mean you’re having a Palin encounter. When you hear the words “the lamestream media” or “read our book ‘Going Rogue'” in response to any question, you’re gold.

I’ll start off with the fact that I am not a big fan of secessionists (and yes, I spy Sarah trying to change this narrative already with odes to “independent voters within her family”). How about you? Why are you happy she’s not in your town?

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