PoliticusUSA Contest: Caption These Rolling Thunder Sarah Palin Photos

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Ok, I am not normally speechless, but Palin’s hi-jacking of the very serious Rolling Thunder Memorial Day parade has me seeing red.

Today’s Rolling Thunder rally is a time honored tradition in DC, meant to remember our prisoners of war and those missing in action. Let us take a few moments to thank a vet and those currently serving our country and their families today. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted from the brave sacrifices they have made for our country, nor to forget that while our lives go on because of their sacrifices, many of them were left behind, and their families have no resolution.

We must never forget. Please help the Rolling Thunder organization get the word out today. America must not forget.

Sarah Palin was not an official guest at Rolling Thunder, she kicked off her “bus tour” here, where she knew she could get media attention and co-opt a ready-made crowd. While I could spend my time debunking her supposed support for our troops by recalling the last time she did this (Pat Tillman or the hagiography tour at Ft Bragg) or her abuse of the country at large via her incendiary rhetoric meant to incite rage and hatred if not violence, coupled with her persecution complex, today I’m going to give myself a break from the arduous task of picking through her minefields of hypocrisy by simply posting a few pictures of her today at the rally. They speak for themselves, as anyone can see the narcissist blooming under the glow of the cameras, the petulant pout, and the handwriting on her hand.

I will let you all do the talking for me. Caption these photos and win yourself a Rolling Thunder bandana with today’s date on it, in honor of the cause Palin tried to co-opt today. Top three captions will get a bandana.

Here she is Lovin’ It, courtesy of Glitterzzi. Why is her tongue stuck out, what is she hoping to catch? Money? Fame? Power? Votes? The Smug Mug:

“Why aren’t you looking at me? This rally is all about ME!” (C/U of Getty Image):

And here she is after riding a few feet on a hog (photo op, not reality – did you even think for one minute this was real?):

Palin tries to hide her satisfaction at being the center of attention but her jutting chin smirk defies her:

Her Palin is, “Back in the Lamestream Media Saddle Again!”, also known as “See? I don’t have to talk and give fancy speeches. I just show up, look hot and do my pageant wave with my snarky poor peoples teleprompter and no one ever thinks to ask me anything….Boy, I’m really going to take down Obama this time!” This is the “RIDE FREE, PAY ME” photo of the day:

And now, saving the best for last, YES. She wrote on her hand again. What did she write to herself? I’m going with “Hi, I’m Sarah, the lamestream media hates me, Obama didn’t really win in 2008, vote for me because I don’t use a teleprompter, and also, too, pay me!” Yes, I know, she does use a teleprompter. This is Sarah Palin, people. Can’t we just assume by now that everything she says is inaccurate? Here’s a close up of the above:

Captions in the comments.


Winners will be chosen based on our subjective agreement of the best captions. The bandanas will be purchased from Rolling Thunder’s site, all money raised is used for POW/MIA issues and to help disabled vets. PoliticusUSA staff are free to comment but aren’t eligible to win.

*Thanks to my twitter friends (too many to list but a few standouts for effort are @KatieAnnieOakly for putting the two pictures together @Dusty_17 for finding the hand notes today and the Palin Going Rouge author @Symbolman for links and pics) for sending me photos and links of today’s Palin Country Last tour.

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