Israel Is The Ultimate American Welfare State

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From the minute Barack Obama was sworn in as President in 2009, Republicans have opposed every single proposal and policy of the Administration and it has become somewhat of a joke. It did not matter that President Obama increased defense spending, sent more troops to Afghanistan, or killed Osama bin Laden, Republicans found some reason to denigrate and oppose the president. This past week, President Obama gave a speech on Middle East policy and Israel, and what it may take to establish peace in the region. As expected, Republicans lashed out at the behest of de facto Republican Congressional leader, Benjamin Netanyahu (R-Israel).

Republicans have proven to be easily manipulated sycophants under the influence of industrialists, evangelical extremists, and now the hard-line conservative Israeli Prime Minister and presumed American foreign policy strategist Benjamin Netanyahu. Conservative pundits have characterized the president’s proposal of a two-state solution, one that Netanyahu allegedly supports, that is based on pre-1967 borders as a “betrayal of the Holy Land.” The president’s proposal requires mutually agreed on land swaps that enable Israel to incorporate the majority of its illegal settlements into its territory while giving over equal amounts of Israeli land to the Palestinians. The president is not the first American leader to propose returning to pre-1967 borders, and it is the exact formula that was used by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Netanyahu in November 2010.

Indeed, President Clinton’s nearly successful peace deal in 2000 proposed the same land swap deal, and in 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Olmert’s negotiations with Palestinians had as its basis a similar land swap deal that would use pre-1967 borders. As they have done for over two years, Republicans take umbrage with Obama’s plan because he is African American; there is no other explanation. When Netanyahu met with the president in the Oval Office the day after his Middle East policy speech, he was condescending and lectured the president as if he was an errant child much like Republicans are prone to do.

Netanyahu parroted Republicans’ tactics when he spoke to the president in the Oval Office by ignoring Obama’s statements of principle from the previous day’s speech, and he failed to acknowledge the president’s hard-line statements that Israel should not negotiate with terrorist group Hamas, maintain a long-term military presence in the Jordan River Valley, and demilitarize any Palestinian State. The President also opposed any unilateral U.N. effort to declare Palestinian statehood. Netanyahu basically lectured the president on a position that he knew President Obama had not taken; a return to the “indefensible” pre-1967 borders. Republicans lined up behind Netanyahu’s lies that the president was essentially abandoning Israel and supporting Arabs who have never acknowledged Israel’s right to exist.

What Netanyahu has done is throw his support to whichever Republican will challenge the President in 2012, and it is evidenced by Mitt Romney’s assertion that President Obama had “thrown Israel under the bus.”  The authentic intention of Netanyahu is to continue illegal construction of settlements on Palestinian lands which is an impediment to any serious peace settlement. Just as Republicans take American taxpayer dollars to give to corporations and the wealthy, Netanyahu is directing Republicans to steal American tax dollars and give them to Israel so they can continue to steal Palestinian land. So why does Netanyahu control the Republican Party and conservative pundits? Because he understands that Christians are enamored with the mythological chosen-people meme that the Judeo-Christian bible attributes to Israel.

There is little doubt that Israel is hated by Arabs, and the United States has been their greatest (and only) ally giving them military support and untold billions of dollars in aid. Republicans have followed Netanyahu’s directions in giving Israel entitlements much like they have doled out American’s tax dollars to the corporations without recompense or sacrifice. Like the oil industry that takes subsidies, tax breaks, and oil without paying royalties, Israel takes American aid and cannot concede one thing in the interest of peace in the region.

America has sacrificed its own security for Israel because our unconditional support has infuriated the Arab world, and there is justification for Arab outrage. Like corporations and Republicans, Netanyahu demands entitlements and privileges they are not willing to give to Palestinians. Israel was given a homeland after World War II, and continues to take more, but they deny Palestinians their right to a homeland. With Israel, like the corporate world, it is all taking and no giving, and at Netanyahu’s direction, Republicans continue doing Israel’s bidding in depriving Palestinians a right to exist in the guise of protecting the Holy Land.

Israel, under Netanyahu’s rule, is the ultimate welfare state with America as its benevolent benefactor. Netanyahu has directed Republicans to give unrestricted assets and privileges to Israel because of an alleged “special relationship” that is not a relationship at all. Israel has nothing to offer America and yet demands we give them carte blanche to do whatever they please, and when President Obama offers a peace prospect that includes a land swap, Republicans accuse him of betraying the Holy Land. The prescient question is; what is Holy about Israel? If it is because of the Judeo-Christian bible’s mythology that says the Israelites are god’s chosen people, then America is paying dearly to propagate an ancient Jewish myth. It is incredibly mysterious that Christians are Israel’s greatest supporters when the Jews allegedly crucified Christianity’s namesake. If the bible is the basis for Republican’s undying support of Israel, then it is unconstitutional and further proof that America is indeed becoming a theocracy.

There is nothing wrong with America standing as an ally to Israel, and indeed, it is in keeping with protecting a sovereign nation’s right to exist. However, there is something wrong when a foreign leader comes to America and attempts to control foreign policy because Republicans and conservative Christians owe their allegiance to a Holy Land and not the United States. Netanyahu is the leader of the Republican Party, but he has not been elected president regardless that his country resides in the fairy tale Holy Land. It is obvious that Netanyahu has been directing Republicans to oppose the president’s agenda from afar because the level of contempt and disrespect he displayed toward President Obama mirrors the Republicans since 2009.

America’s dedication to Israel has never wavered and the level of support they receive warrants a willingness to seek peace for their citizens and stability of the region. Israel has nothing to offer the United States and they are fortunate to have a staunch ally that supports them unconditionally. But there must be conditions for continued support, and hosting the Armageddon “end of the world” scenario does not qualify. The fool from Alaska has stated that America must support and defend Israel because the final battle of Revelation will take place in the Holy Land occupied by Israel, and there are millions of American idiots who subscribe to that scenario. Although that characterization is popular, it is not reasonable that Republicans in Congress and conservative pundits all believe Jesus will descend on a white horse to finish off Satan in the final battle at Armageddon.

The Republican opposition to President Obama’s Middle East policy may include a few fundamentalists who actually believe that America owes Israel unconditional support and military aid for the impending Revelation battle, but more likely their opposition is race-based. The president’s proposals were also George W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s proposals, so there is no reasonable excuse to oppose Obama’s peace plan. Perhaps Republicans are repaying the military industrial complex for campaign contributions by providing Israel with military hardware, but with two wars underway, that is not the only reason. It is more likely that Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of the Republican Party and they oppose the president because he is an African American. The fact that there is really no such thing as the “Holy Land” for the president to betray means it must be racism. It has, after all, been the reason for Republican opposition to President Obama from his first days in office, and Republicans, like their bosses Netanyahu, Koch, and theocrats, oppose a Black man in the Oval Office.


DISCLAIMER:  The author is not an anti-Semite and the opinions are his alone.

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