MSNBC Foolishly Insists That Sarah Palin Wouldn’t Lie To Fox News

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MSNBC has been insisting that Sarah Palin wouldn’t lie to Fox News about running for president, but Joe Scarborough and company don’t know Sarah Palin.

Here is the video from Morning Joe:

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Joe Scarborough and Wille Geist hung most of their argument for Sarah Palin not running on a belief that Sarah Palin would never lie to Roger Ailes and Fox News:

Joe Scarborough: I’m wondering if you agree with me. I think this is — I’m not saying Donald Trump was not sincere along the way but Donald Trump was not hurt by what transpired. I can’t help but feel that Sarah Palin may be doing the same thing here. This is going to be good for her image but I just don’t think she’s going to run.

Willie Geist: I agree with you, Joe. I think we get swept up along with her, every once in a while, every few months she’ll come back and make whispers about whether she will run or not. It’s about keeping her name in the press, about her books and speeches. I don’t know that she believes, you check me on this she could even be nominated in the Republican Party, let alone win a general election.

Scarborough: You know, remember a couple weeks ago, Fox suspended Gingrich and also suspended Santorum, and sure enough, they both jumped in the race aggressively. I think it’s very telling at that same time that Sarah Palin was not suspended, and neither was Mike Huckabee and sure enough we found out later that Mike Huckabee wasn’t running. Now Fox News is saying that this tour and all of this talk is not going to change her status within the network, she’ll only be suspended if she actually runs. Willie, that tells me she’s had a talk with Roger. You don’t go to Roger and say, hey, Roger, I’m not going to run and then run. I don’t think you do it. I think that was telling before, that she is not going to run.

Geist: Those are leading indicators with those other guys, forecasting what they were going to do. The fact she’s not been suspended in any way probably suggests Roger wouldn’t let her go out and freewheel on this, not his style.

No, it’s not Roger’s style, but it is Sarah Palin’s style to lie to everyone and anyone, and no, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big wig like Roger Ailes. Honestly, boys, when are you going to wake up?

MSNBC, like many political pundits, has determined that Sarah Palin would not lie to Fox News, and therefor she is not running. This is a sad example of sane people applying logic to a person they don’t understand and can’t comprehend. Listen, boys, Sarah Palin is not your normal candidate, and I don’t mean that in the sense that she is Jesus or Esther, I mean that in the sense that she is a serial liar and opportunist. Before I proceed in an attempt to point out their folly, let me ask one simple question:

Can anyone who has ever worked with Sarah Palin tell me something she did not lie about?

This is a woman who lied about the weather in her first book. She lies about relationships. She lies about intentions. She lies about reality. Over and over and over and over and over and over…..And yet, we’re supposed to bank our assessment of her possibly running for President on the notion that she wouldn’t lie to Fox News.

Like she wouldn’t lie to Steve Schmidt? Or to John McCain when they asked her if there was anything that might come out about her that might be a problem and she kept her lips sealed about her daughter’s pregnancy and the other troubles brewing in Alaska and with 100% confidence in her perfection, said “Nope!” Or lie to the press during a run for the VP to the highest office in the world, claiming she had been found not guilty in the Troopergate investigation? Or confidently lie about things that are clearly, demonstrably false with the proof glaring at her like a betrayed lover?

She also lied to the people of Alaska. She quit on them, you know, boys, and that was a rather large promise she made under oath. Guess who got blamed for that one? If you think she’s afraid of being sued by Fox, you don’t know Sarah Palin. And does anyone think Fox would sue her if she had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the primary? And guess what? If they did sue her, Sarah Palin has vast experience in using perceived victimhood to further her cause. She would raise money for her legal defense fund while managing to blame the liberal media for it – and she would probably get away with it in this current climate, because clearly too few are paying attention.

No one but Sarah Palin knows if she is running or not, and I agreed with many of Lawrence O’Donnell’s criticisms of the NYT’s article in its faulty reasoning behind the conclusion that she is running (though I fear LOD doesn’t understand Sarah Palin’s delusions quite yet, and the premise that Sarah Palin is Donald Trump works on the surface but when you look under the hood, these are two different animals of fame-seekers), but when we’re discussing whether she is or is not running, there are two premises that simply should not be used:

1) She wouldn’t lie to Fox News
2) She doesn’t like to work so she wouldn’t want to be president.

If anyone pushes those two memes, tell them they don’t know Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is known as a narcissistic sociopath by those who used to work with her in Alaska, and also a “snake in the grass”. She stabbed John McCain in the back on numerous occasions in public, no less, and she is still standing. If anyone thinks she wouldn’t lie to Fox News, they are in way over their head on this one.

If they think Palin wouldn’t run because she doesn’t like to work, they are assuming that she is a rational person who even knows what a President does. Remember, “Can someone tell me what it is that a VP does?” That was right before “I’m ready to serve as a VP, I didn’t even blink.” Do they really think she has ever considered the work?

There is always someone else to do the work, silly people. Someone who will get thrown under the bus after Palin is done using them as the grunt in her ambitions. This is a woman who chewed gum while texting on her BlackBerries like a petulant child during most of her meetings as Governor, leaving the minions to sort everything out without direction from their leader. And you know what’s handy about that? When it fails, it’s always the minions’ fault.

Work? “Where’s Sarah?” Ringing a bell yet? It’s all about the title and the power, don’t they get it yet?

Sarah Palin is not a rational person. She is not applying reason to her decision making; she uses her gut instincts and flies by the seat of her pants. She feels her way through political storms and sits back while the boys shoot themselves answering the tough questions and emerges as the only above the fray, the fresh faced, unsullied by “DC”, mother figure of “common sense”.

Notice that no one is putting her on the spot by forcing her to endorse the Ryan budget? But meanwhile, the other candidates are being forced to hang themselves on the Ryan push Grandma off a cliff plan…..This is how it started in Alaska.

It is rather distressing to watch intelligent people fall for this dog and pony show, because they haven’t watched her modus operandi. Just to be safe, they might want to start vetting her or at least asking her questions. I’ll repeat it again, until someone wakes up: Sarah Palin believes she was mantled to be President by God.

She really and truly believes that. Now, if the pundits start their thinking from that premise, they will note that they do not end up at Go via the usual route, logic, sense, or via ethical conduct. Perhaps these gentlemen are too wrapped up in the conventional political wisdom to see what is right in front of their faces, or maybe they’re too arrogant to think it could happen to them, or maybe they don’t know enough about psychology to understand just how this works – but for whatever reason, the mainstream political pundits don’t get Sarah Palin. Logic and conventional strategy need not apply.

“It” has happened to others smarter than them, “it” has happened to others just as powerful as Roger Ailes. Let me ask these boys a question: If you were a malignant narcissistic sociopath, and you were really good at selling maverick populist to the people, and you believed that Jesus was on your side, would you give a hoot what Roger Ailes thought? Jesus trumps Fox in the power box. Sorry.

Almost everyone who has worked closely with Palin and had an awakening has warned people about her, but her charm and her seeming ignorance keeps both sides from seeing just how dire those warnings are. Whether she is running for President or not, the pundits’ inability to grasp what anyone who has researched her discovers is unsettling. Like it or not, she is still impacting our political discussions with dangerously demagogic and too often unchecked inaccuracies. And if nothing else, that needs to stop.

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