Fox News Hints That Obama Was Drunk At Westminster Abbey

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Fox News’ Fox and Friends used Obama signing the wrong date at Westminster Abbey to wonder if he was drunk at the time.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Here is the transcript:

Brian Kilmeade: Maybe it was jet lag or a senior moment when President Obama got the date wrong when he signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey writing May 24, 2008. Three years ago on that day, President Obama was campaigning in Puerto Rico.

Gretchen Carlson: He doesn’t want to go back to 2008 and relive that whole campaign does he?

Steve Doocy: Oh, it was a good year for him.

Carlson: But he actually made it to be the President of the United States, I think he’d want to be in 2011.

Doocy: I think people in all 57 states would think that’s a funny joke.

Kilmeade: I get what you’re talking about. It’s a lot of miles and he had a lot of Guinness.

Hahaha, Obama’s a drunk. Let’s talk about Obama signing the wrong date and the make jokes about him being drunk instead of discussing the fact that the GOP plan to privatize Medicare is so unpopular that it caused the Republicans to lose a House seat in an ultra-conservative district last night. No, we don’t need to talk about that. (Rep. Paul Ryan appeared on the same show to discuss the virtues of stealing granny’s Medicare).

This whole Obama is a drunk smear was started by Eric Bolling, as a way to portray Obama as out of touch and not concerned with the American people:

Apparently, because Obama had a pint in Ireland, he is an irresponsible drunk who should not be president.

In fact, any man who is caught drinking a pint in Ireland is not fit to be president.

There is a subtext of racism to this attack. Fox News wants to portray Obama as the lazy irresponsible black man who can’t be trusted with the presidency. Does it really matter that Obama signed the wrong date at Westminster Abbey? No, but presidential gaffes are always going to be big news. It comes with the territory of having the most high profile job in the world.

What was particularly insidious and political was the text that Fox News placed under the image of Obama signing the guestbook. The text asked, “Living in the past?” This was another subtle form of unspoken political messaging. Fox News was pushing the message that Obama is out of touch.

Obama has consistently polled well when Americans are asked if he cares about their problems and cares about people like them.

Fox News understands that if a Republican is going to defeat the President in 2012, the Obama empathy connection must be broken. Voters aren’t going to throw a president out of office who they feel has their best interests at heart. In their view Obama must be characterized a lazy, shiftless, selfish, black man who is off laughing and downing 40s while his country needs him.

The idea that Obama is an irresponsible drinker seems ridiculous, but the more subtle point that Fox is pushing is that the black man should not be trusted with the presidency.

Another day, another dose of not so subtle racism from Fox News.

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