Leaked Tweets Expose Sarah Palin’s Political Hate Machine

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Sarah Palin

Did you ever wonder how the Palin fans get their marching orders? It’s always been clear they came straight from Sarah Palin, as they followed her MO to the letter. But now, courtesy of leaked tweets Palin’s first lieutenant Rebecca Mansour sent to a Palinbot that were then sent to Jonathan Strong of the Daily Caller, we get the inside scoop.

The inside scoop here reads just like the Frank Bailey inside scoop: petty, vindictive, mean-spirited, and at times, tiptoeing to the edge of inciting violence against opponents and people they feel wronged by. While these tweets read exactly like Rebecca Mansour and Sarah Palin’s public tweets, they were direct messages sent by RAM, according to the Daily Caller. This is the mistake of a political novice and is sadly revealing in both its ignorance and its meanness.

Does Sarah Palin really think she can run for President and this stuff won’t come out? They will be searching through her garbage looking for discarded bandages. And by “they”, I don’t mean the mean old Democratic operatives whom she is always blaming for the things the Republicans do to her. We all know the GOP doesn’t play nice when it comes to Presidential politics. This is just the beginning, and this is the path Palin is considering. Cue the endless whines and finger-pointing.

Daily Caller noted and it bears repeating: “Below are (sic) the full text of messages The DC obtained. Please note that these messages are only one side of a two party conversation, and that The DC is not publishing some of the messages containing intimate details about the Palin’s family dynamics.”)

All Tweets Courtesy of Daily Caller:

May 22, 2010
7:00:23: Did you see the tweet from the Mittens’ AstroTurf brigade? Would love to tell Mitt’s lackeys to stop backstabbing my boss anonymously.

Yes, we can’t have anonymous backstabbing….

8:36:02: BTW Big Boss took a big risk in endorsing Nikki. You don’t pick a loser in SC. Very important state. Mitt has no hope of winning it, so…

It’s called a primary state, Rebecca, but then we all know you wanted to be a screenwriter so we don’t expect you to be good at this whole political thing.

8:40:21: Erickson is a total douchebag. Greasy dumb ass with a talent for self-promotion. He threw himself in at the Gov’s SC rally. Self-promotion.

Ah, self-promotion! A true evil. Well said, Rebecca. No irony there.

8:48:39: LOL! I like ObomneyCare. Let’s ask “Evangelicals 4 Mitt” what they think. (Total fake org. They were @ SRLC. What a joke!)

Must mock the “other” evangelicals – they are not the “right” evangelicals and as for fake organizations, Americans for Prosperity /Sarah Palin speeches Inc don’t know nothin’ about no fake organization. Wisconsin Tea Party rally against the unions, I didn’t see a thing!

May 25, 2010
5:35:46: Time to find a way to go medieval on this McGinniss. Don’t be fooled by the light tone of the FB post. The BigBoss is so upset by this.

Medieval on McGinniss? Really? What does that mean, Rebecca? Oh, I see: Dear Angry, Misinformed Activist, we can’t tell you to stalk this guy, but Sarah (our great martyr) is very upset. Please fix this by any means possible. Got it? The Queen is very upset and we can’t have that.

5:36:56: It quite broke my heart to get the emails from her about this. She feel like big brother is watching her & her family.We Alinsky tactics!

Alinsky tactics? Joe McGinniss, respected author, is going Alinsky on her? I say Sarah should have brought Joe an apple pie and charmed him with her sweet smile, Rebecca. Or, you know, go medieval. Which one do you think is more fitting for a Presidential candidate who will have to deal with a wee bit tougher adversaries than Joe McGinniss?

16:00:56: I was thinking more along the lines of mailing him a dead fish.

Ah, in other words, from one movie lover to another, GO GODFATHER ON HIS ASS. Got it. Here is the direct connection to how Palin incites her followers through her lieutenant RAM, in case you all missed this. But have no fear, Palin will Troopergate RAM. Rebecca and her Godfather dead fish orders will be under the Palin bus in 3…2…1…

May 30, 2010
16:11:45: Hey can you remember to send BigBoss some love @SarahPalinUSA. She reads her RTs (now that she has the new BB Twitter app) & haters spam her

Begging for twitter love is rather… pathetic, but this is what you can expect from Sarah Palin, who writes her own letters to the editor about herself and then has other people sign them. A real leader doesn’t need to beg their supporters to tweet them some love because of the mean old spammers. Maybe Sarah would like to read the charming tweets and messages we get from her semi-literate but very angry followers?

How does Sarah Palin’s fragile ego get through the day and why on earth would she want to run for President? I wonder if she is aware that when someone is president, everyone hates that person. Oh, my bad. She wouldn’t be doing the work, I forgot. She’d just wave that magic wand, bring the bible in to replace the Constitution, and spend the rest of her time going after mean bloggers and authors and anyone else expressing their free speech.

Speaking of going after those who exercise their free speech, this is how the Mean Girls do it:

July 3, 2010
20:27:30: Got a scoop for you about Shannyn Moore. You’ll love this! Feel free to post it far and wide and chat about it everywhere…

20:28:45: First, Shannyn gets no pay for her show. In fact, she actually has to pay $150 a hour or $450 a day to rant on the air…

20:29:19: Second, ever wonder why there are no sponsors KUDO 1080am’s 11am-2pm show? No one will buy commercial time…

20:30:00: It seems her life partner Kelly Walters is hocking the show for any sponsor. I guess Planned Parenthood and Valtrex were unavailable…

Gosh, I’m struck by the sisterhood, the feminism! This is what the right means by conservative feminism. If you are not a conservative, it’s OK to make jokes insinuating that someone’s partner supports her career. We won’t get into the obvious hole in the logic here, that Sarah Palin’s prop husband supports her career in other ways and that her entire life is supported and funded by others. The real point is that Sarah Palin doesn’t like Shannyn Moore, who had the audacity to appear on the lamestream media to exercise her first amendment rights. So, Shannyn must be mocked by a tittering gaggle (your word, Ms Palin – your word) of Mean Girls appeasing their “Big Boss” as they slither down the school hall never realizing that they peaked and passed in tenth grade. And yes, the directive to mock Shannyn in undeniable, “Feel free to post it far and wide and chat about it everywhere.”

One wonders if Sarah Palin shouldn’t widen her circle of enemies; she seems rather obsessed with certain Alaskans. Almost as obsessed as she is with the President. Sadly, I fear RAM may believe she is the Palin Mafia Godfather — perhaps her screenwriting aspirations have gone to her head. As for the Valtrex and Planned Parenthood slams, I’ll need to crawl out of the Sarah Palin 8th Grade gutter before I can recover enough to even reply. Though this reminds me, I’d like to ask if we can see Sarah Palin’s medical records this time. See, ladies? It might be best if the Palin club rethinks that whole war of suggestion tactic this time around.

You might as well read the rest of the tweets. Rebecca goes after Palin’s daughter Bristol, saying Palin will keep that screw up at arms length. I thought kids were off limits, but it’s OK for Palinbots to do it? This fits in with everything I’ve heard off the record about Palin’s mothering skills, as well as dovetailing with what Frank Bailey wrote, what Steve Schmidt said, and worst of all, what Levi Johnston said about the ugly names Sarah Palin calls Trig ….sadly, I think we can safely conclude that Palin is most interested in her children as props for a photoshoot. Male politicians use their families in the same way, so it’s a bit hypocritical to get up in arms about it, but it shoots some major holes in the whole Mama Grizzly routine. If this is pro-life parenting, that movement really needs to examine its priorities.

I am no fan of the Daily Caller (thank you boys for the links, though, your audience leaves the nicest comments), but I’ll have to say it appears as though Tucker et al are trying to clean up the Republican Party in time for 2012. They obviously want to get rid of the insane barking dogs that were so useful during the last several years and come out with their moderate hats to meet the general public.

Good luck with that, boys. I know something you don’t know about Sarah Palin, because I can see her without those blinders that you all seem to wear. She isn’t going to go away….and now, you will feel the wrath of the Palinbots. I can only say I‘m glad those “metaphorical” targets will for once be on the heads of those who bought the show. Let’s see how the right likes it when the Palinbots come after them with their threats of violence and their accusations of pedophilia. Good times.

Y’all made the beast.

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