India Corporations Are Outsourcing To The US For Cheap Labor

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This is the new normal. The United States has become a third world country. As I pointed out in a previous article, America exports more raw material and imports more finished goods. Now it turns out that foreign corporations from India are looking to outsource, due to the workers in that country demanding higher wages and a higher standard of living. That country is India. Yes, the country where most of our customer service phone calls go to, are now looking to outsource tele-sales to the United States.

So congratulation to the conservatives, you have officially succeeded. The American worker is now on a level playing field with a developing nation. For years conservatives have told the American people that they were the defenders of American exceptionalism all the while stripping our standard of living right from beneath us. American exceptionalism isn’t just our military or our democracy; it is the standard of living we all used to enjoy. A standard of living that was the envy of the world. That part of American exceptionalism was too expensive for shareholders and corporate boards and to that fact, the American middle class has become equal to the Indian workforce.

Rather than defend the American worker’s wages, conservative policies have driven the nation to the point where corporations are looking to our shores to bolster their profit margins and take advantage of cheap American labor.

According to the Daily Mail

Experts said that the phenomenon, which could become more widespread in the coming years, is partly due to Indian workers demanding higher wages and higher living standards.

‘The U.S. became the fastest-growing location for us last year. We expect that to continue this year,’ Genpact chief executive V.N. ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan said.
Joseph Vafi, an analyst at Jefferies & Co. in San Francisco told the Washington Post: ‘What you have going on in India are salary hikes. As these companies get larger and larger, it just makes sense for them to do some hiring in the States.’

Due to high unemployment, American workers are willing to work for a lot less than they used to. This is a further sign that the conservative failed economics approach has completely obliterated the American middle class.

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