Bryan Fischer Says Unlike Obama, Herman Cain is Authentically Black

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Bryan Fischer: Racial Hygienist

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is a noted bigot and racist. He has gone after Native Americans, he has called for a purge of Muslims from the U.S. military. He has gone after homosexuals (they should be disqualified from public office). He has said that black folks on welfare “rut like rabbits.” He’s not happy about the breeding habits of those “brown” people:

40% of all babies [are] being born out of wedlock overall. In the Hispanic community, the number is over 50% and in the African-American community, the number is now catastrophically over 70%.

He doesn’t like white folks having to subsidize all these brown children.

A March tweet saw Fischer referring to President Obama as “boy.”

And yet he complained just a few days later, on April 6 of this year about “false accusations that I am some kind of virulent racist.”

It should come as no surprise that he is now claiming that President Barack Obama is not “authentically black.”  I don’t know, seems Obama is authentically black enough to be called “boy.”

But here’s the deal: President Obama was in Ireland on Monday. He visited a Moneygall, hoisted a Guinness in toast at Ollie Hayes Pub there in that town, the place where his maternal great-great-great grandfather was born. He introduced himself as ‘Barack Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas,’ and said ‘I’ve come home to find the apostrophe we lost somewhere along the way’.

This apparently bothered Bryan Fischer. But never fear. We have an authentically black man waiting to step into the role of President: Herman Cain. Yeah. He’s a real black guy:

He can’t talk enough about how white he is and how white his heritage is. And you compare that to, say, Herman Cain – you know, Herman Cain was just joking around about being the real Black man in the presidential race and President Obama kind of helping reinforce what Herman Cain has said in jest.

President Obama is half-white, and half-black; Herman Cain is all black; he’s authentically black; he is the real black man in the race.

So we’ll see how all of that plays out. I mean, President Obama celebrating his Irish heritage, I mean there is just something about that I just find, I just find that comical, frankly.

It’s incredible that anyone could have a problem with our president having Irish blood, though it must be admitted that in the nineteenth century the Irish weren’t really considered “white” either. And we already know from Fischer’s Native American episode that he’s locked into a 19th century mode of thinking. So maybe the problem is Barack Obama but, oh, I don’t know, Bryan Fischer himself?

Most of us are ethnic mutts of one sort or another. Why is being part black and part Irish more significant than being part Swedish and part Irish (as is this writer)? We all have ancestors from all over this planet of ours, many we are probably unaware of without access to mitochondrial DNA testing.

In the 21st century it’s rather absurd to talk about “racial” purity (racial being inaccurate besides since there is only one “human” race on this planet). Bryan Fischer is sounding absurdly like a National Socialist, touting the superiority of one of these alleged “pure” bloods, black this time instead of fair-skinned with blond hair and blue eyes. Is any of this supposed to make a difference with regards to how our president manages domestic and foreign affairs? Is Bryan Fischer suggesting that the Republican Party’s Über Black Man will be a better president than Barack Obama because he’s “authentically black”? Or does having the only “authentically black” candidate somehow erase the stigma of Republican racism, virulent, real, and ongoing?

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